Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Embarking on a new journey.

Congratulations to Tiara, Intan Sarafina, Siti Sarah, Rina, Joni, Roni, Ab, Shone, Shahila & Mark for making it into the Top 12! Guys, I am looking forward to the beginning of our journey in One In A Million Season 2.

Rubia went back to Australia yesterday. Both Julian and I had the chance to hang out with her before she boarded her plane. Rubia was very supportive of my involvement with One In A Million Season 2. She shared with me a lot of brilliant ideas & given me tips on how to improve my performance. It’s just that I felt bad that I couldn’t really show her around Kuala Lumpur as I was busy with the competition & all the free time available I have were spent resting. Hopefully she will come back soon.

Anyway, here is the update. Yesterday, all of the Top 12 contestants received a makeover & I got mine. My hair got dyed blue-black and the salon sort of trimmed my hair a little bit. My hair is already looking good to start with (Pardon my arrogance... LOL!). There were some misunderstanding at the salon though. I got at the salon quite late because I had to visit my ENT specialist for a checkup. When I got there, the salons’ “Art Director” looked at me and told me that my hairstyle is already looking good. He was planning to make a minor change to it. I showed him my passport photo where I had no fringe at all. We both agreed upon the same idea. Then I got my hair dyed. After the protein treatment, my hair was ready for styling, and the Colourist told me that the “Art Director” was unavailable and he has some business to attend to, so he only have the “Creative Director” available to style my hair. I greeted the Creative Director of the salon with a big smile, and asked him, “Are you responsible for cutting my hair?”. I asked the same question three times and he DID NOT ANSWER AT ALL. I was like “You could have said Yes or No, you know?”. He was still being very quiet. Then I asked him again, “What direction are you taking with my hairstyle?”. I asked him three times when suddenly he flipped & told me that 8TV have instructed him to style the contestants hair bla bla & he was being angry to which I said, “Thank you! At last!, you are talking!”. I didn’t get why he was so angry. Crazy guy. One of the OIAM crews, Joyce told me not to be rude to the hairdresser but I was not! I was just being polite and talking to him in respect of his profession but all I receive was just dead blank. All I need was some sort of a communication. Any hairdresser will tell you what direction he or she is taking. You can’t simply cut someone’s hair especially when they already have an image they want to keep. The artist is the brand. They come with a positioning. I don’t think this guy have any communication skills whatsoever. Plus, I am not a model. Models don’t get to tell the hair and make up people what to do. I don’t think I am a robot and I certainly won’t let anybody touch my hair until everything is properly explained. Of course that didn’t happen. So he stopped trimming my hair and went straight to the back of the hair salon. I was like, “What?”. Crazy. No time for these type of people. I consider this as part of my learning experience. It was interesting for me to observe different characters everyday.

I have already prepared/ printed ‘hard evidence’ (haha) that I can use just in case any misunderstanding arises. For example, One In A Million Season 2 website contained a tip from Paul Moss relating to how to dress. He also focused on how important it is to be an individual. This competition is not about the voice only but also how you package yourself for a certain market. I have always seen myself as a brand, A PRODUCT. I want to maintain my individuality be it my voice, clothes and hairstyle, which is really really important. I do not want to be conventional and boring. Unique, fun, preppy-funky and out there is more my kind of style. Oh yea, tomorrow I am going to have to check into the hotel at 10 Jalan Semantan, KL by 8pm sharp. It is going to be a lot of fun hanging out with the other Top 12 contestants at the hotel. I can’t wait, BUT I have heaps to pack! Stresssss…. (LOL)

Other than that, my schedule is going to be super busy very soon. Next Thursday (13 DEC) there will be a Media Coaching workshop conducted by Zainal Alam Kadir to prepare the Top 12 contestants for our 1st press conference ever. It will be held on the very next day, Friday, 14th December. There will also be other classes such as vocal workshops with Amri, which I am very excited for.

Today, I had another photo shoot for OIAM2. My mother and sister drove me down to Dataran Prima early this morning. I was so sleepy. Hair & make up (ugh oily skin) bla bla bla. I gradually became tired throughout the day, as I was the very last person to have his photo taken after waiting for around 11 hours. The team had to let the Sabahans do their photos first because they have a flight to catch, go home, pack their belongings and come back to KL! Crazy! Posing for the camera was harder than I could ever imagined. Especially when you just stand there alone, by yourself in front of a white background with nothing to work with. There were nobody, a wall or a chair to interact with. I ran out of poses after a while. Haha. I think, it is a lot better for me when I was posing for a group shot. For the group shot, I was put in a group with Tiara (Who were standing beside me & is so tall!), Rina, Shahila & Roni. The photographer told us that a group shot is a lot harder to shoot especially when our images will be blown up for the billboard! Yay! (My heart jumped when I heard Lebon said that) The clothes I had on were all mine except for the purple shirt the stylist provided me. I had to wear it because the theme was purple & black (Thanks Lebon & JC! You guys were great!). I also brought along my own accessory, which was an oversize purple button brooch my sister found at Topshop. It looked really cool!

I can’t wait to see the results of our photoshoot. I am very excited. For the live show, voting and first elimination on the 21st of December, I will be singing Elliott Yamin’s song called ‘Wait For You’. For that week, we have to sing something POP and something current. Funnily enough, Joey & my cousin Moe suggested the same song! I take that as a good sign. I am going to have to learn the lyrics, and the meaning of the song. For the first live show, it will all be totally different! Can’t wait for it to happen! So excited.

Finally I really miss Ryzal, Joel, GD, Nana, Meor, Simon & Bryan. Guys, it doesn’t stop here. Keep on doing what you guys are doing okay? We need you to keep supporting us. I will write more after checking in tomorrow. Tomorrow will be the start on another journey. Ciao.

p/s: Hope you guys won’t forget to watch me next Friday, on 8TV at 9.30pm. I am singing my first song on TV called Time by Billy Porter.


azreen said...

woohoo!u will be singing elliott yamin's song.
i LOVE LOVE LOVE that song!can't wait IZ!
Hope everything goes well for u IZ.
Best of luck!!

irastilettos said...

oh dear
ur so fabolously hot!
good luck
do u happen to have a myspace?