Monday, December 3, 2007

Top 40 going Top 20 (5th & 6th NOV, 2007)

At this stage, contestants on the Top 40 had to go through a blind test and a personality test. I’m too lazy to explain/ write (lol) so I found this from Wikipedia [In the 'Blind Test', the contestants had to perform behind a screen. In the 'Style/Presentation' round, two guest judges also judged the style & presentation of each contestant. From here onwards, only 20 contestants are allowed to move on to the knock-out stage.] So, for the Blind test, I sang Time by Billy Porter without music. It was nerve wrecking for me. I was the first one who had to sing, again. This is just like the first elimination round when the judges had to choose 40 hopefuls from the Top 80; where I was also the one who had to sing first. Well to be frank, I prefer to sing first because the long wait is too stressful for me anyway. I just wanted to get it done and over with. For the personality test, I wore a silver jacket, tie & shoes with black shirt & pants. There were two guest judges this time, Elaine Daly and Zainal Alam Kadir. Elaine Daly like my shoes but thought my jacket was P. Ramlee-esque and that the colour Silver is passé and not in style anymore. I replied, “ I don’t follow fashion. You said that because you follow fashion. I prefer to be a leader than a follower. I know I got my own style… and I reckon this jacket looks good on me”. LOL. It came out of my mouth so fast before I realized what I did say. Haha. But I didn't regret what I said, it was honest and was what on my mind. Zainal asked if I could speak Malay (which of course I can!) and asked me a couple of questions, in Malay. I was happy with my answers. At one point he said, “Saya rasa Iz mempunyai kelebihan dwibahasa, tetapi sesetengah orang mungkin beranggapan Iz ini adalah seorang yang ‘Arrogant’. So I replied, “Saya sedar mungkin itu adalah kelemahan saya, kerana itulah saya rasa One In A Million adalah satu platform yang sesuai untuk saya belajar menyesuaikan diri dengan pelbagai jenis pihak seperti media, syarikat rakaman dan orang ramai” (Something like that). I didn't think my answer sounded arrogant. Again, I was just saying what I feel at that time. Oh well, you can't satisfy everybody can you?

Anyway, I was happy when I finished my personality test. Cut top the chase, I got on the Top 20 (Yay!). I am really looking forward to watch this week’s episode and see how they (8TV) are going to edit my comments/ replies to the judges. Some people may take me wrongly but I am ready. Hopefully my answers are going to be edited fairly. The episode with the Blind & Personality test will be aired next Friday on the 7th of December. I can’t wait!

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