Friday, January 25, 2008

Technical Stuff + 8TV Quickie Interview

Hey guys! (Sorry for being quiet)
I’ve been busy working on my single. Got some technical stuff sorted out today with Kieran from twoam (check them out Yaye! I think I am on to something really really big. I can’t wait to finalise the music because after that only I will have my song recorded (Recorded the rough vocal parts last night at home, have to change the music arrangement again). Hehe. Anyway, if any of you guys missed my 8TV Quickie interview, you can watch it on YouTube (click HERE) or here in my blog. Silverreen the same person who made that video for me which I posted here previously have uploaded my 8TV Quickie interview. You guys will see that I shamelessly advertised my blog on the show… LOL.

p/s: I will try to come here as often as I could and chat with you guys in the chat box okay? Bye and stay tuned! Sincerely, IZ.

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