Saturday, March 1, 2008

Ayu won!

I bet most of you guys have read about Ayu winning the OIAM2 in today's papers. All of us are so happy that Ayu won! Shila was great too! Anyway, by the time I am writing this, Sarah is in the midst of packing up her stuff, Shone is on his way to the airport; Ab & Tiara is out at KL Sentral, Mark is out with his family at the Pavilion, Ayu is out with her parents at SOGO and I am waiting for my mum to pick me up from the hotel. I have to go to the studio today later at 7pm for the mixing of one of my tracks. Hopefully after I come home tonight, I will upload all the fun photos fro last night, so be sure to stay tuned Okie? Later! IZ


Anonymous said...

congrats to ayu & shila..
gurlz rocks..

*abg iz smart la semalam..ngeh2!! good job semalam nye gilew!

Nessa said...

Congrats to Ayu! :)

Everybody's leaving ya... kinda sad but that's the way it is, life goes on. It was great being able to see you guys 'live' at Summit. Good luck with your singing career Iz.

wahine said...

Hi Iz,
I guess you did not get to perform Vanishing...I just finally got the time to watch the vid on 8tv of the grand finale. YOu did good and Ayu and Sheila did very well. Very touching to see Ayu's parents and relatives surrounding her and what those prize money hopefully can do for her and her family. A deserving win, I believe. We hope to hear and see you perform too, Iz. Sorry our family cannot attend the grand finale...some has work and some has tution on that Friday night. We love you anyways and hope to see more of you soon..

Keep on doing what you are doing and if singing is what u like best, I can't see anything stopping you right now...