Wednesday, March 26, 2008

News Alert: IZ's Debut Single "Gonna Be Alright" Breaks into Malaysian Airwaves

Hey guys!!! It's Emili here, IZ's media rep. We're now at Starbucks @ Midvalley. IZ is in a business meeting and i can't wait to break the news (sorry IZ, PR is about newsbreak as well)

IZ's song will be broadcast LIVE to you guys out there!!!

Be sure to tune into Xfresh FM tonight (Thursday, 27th of March 2008) at 11pm to listen to IZ's debut single "Gonna Be Alright".

I'm so excited!!! IZ's song is going to be heard on the Malaysian airwaves!

A huge TERIMA KASIH goes out to Joshua from Xfresh for making this happen. We've been waiting for this moment!!!! And thanks to Xfresh FM for supporting local music unconditionally.

Well, just in case you need to know the frequency for Xfresh FM, see below:-

103.0 FM (Klang Valley)
106.5 FM (Penang, Kedah,Perlis)
98.5 FM (Ipoh)
103.3 FM (Johor/ Singapore)
99.8 FM (Kelantan)
104.0 FM (Terengganu)
107.3 FM (Melaka)
97.9 FM (Negeri Sembilan)
100.0 FM (Pahang)
98.6 FM (Sabah)
103.7 FM (Sarawak)

CONGRATS IZ!!! We're making history!!!!!!

"Keep supporting IZ. Keep supporting local music. Keep supporting Xfresh FM"

Cheers with no beers,
Emili Ismail
eMMoe Communications

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