Monday, April 14, 2008


Good day, its 7.15AM now & I’m already wide-awake. I only got in bed around 4ish last night & I am feeling excited. This week is going to be a fun week for me…hehehe. Firstly, I’m going to finish the recording of my Malay track tonight and the Malay actress I told you guys about will be recording tonight too!!! Woohoo! She’ll be at the studio around 10pm (I promise I'll take photos and post it up here then you will find out who).

Then there’s the XFresh radio interview this coming Thursday, 17th of April from 9PM to 10PM with Hunny Madu & Burn on Zon Planet Xfresh, so make sure you guys tune in alright?

I am also going to make a cameo appearance on a Malay telemovie next Saturday. This is the telemovie yang akan guna ‘Gonna Be Alright’ sebagai lagu tema. So yeah, I’ll be doing a bit of acting… for fun… and also to promote my single. There will be photos taken so keep checking my blog. Also went to see Melissa Indot perform live at No Black Tie last Saturday night. It was good fun. I thought it was a good show at least I was entertained. Tak tau la org lain. Tiara and her mum were there too, but they left during the interval and I stayed on with my other two friends. Got my Melissa Indot CD (Original OK? Beli hanya original) autographed. LOL.
IZ's attempt at stealing the limelight from Melissa. NOT very successful at it tho'. HAHA.
Tiara & I with my original Melissa Indot CD, ECLECTICISM
(Please support local acts & only GET original copies OK?, karma will get you if you cetak rompak seriously :-p )


For FlyFM’s CampurChart with Basil
Send IZ Gonna Be Alright to &
put IZ GONNA BE ALRIGHT in the subject & message.

Send Campur[space]IZ to 33399 (this costs 50cents)

For XFresh
Send XPOD[space]Gonna Be Alright to 32399 now!(this costs 50cents)

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