Wednesday, May 21, 2008

DJ Uno - Gonna Be Alright No. 2

I am now actually getting ready for another interview/ photoshoot with 4 magazines today.. gonna be hectic... Did the same thing yesterday and I even had the time to meet up with DJ Uno from HitzFM.... hehehe I'll tell you guys that bit later... anyway I just want to say Thank you guys!

As you all know, Gonna Be Alright is now No. 2 on FlyFM. Keep voting and I'm sure it'll be #1. Here's how.
IZ Gonna Be Alright to & put IZ GONNA BE ALRIGHT in the subject & message OR BY SMS, Send Campur[space]IZ to 33399 (this costs 50cents) now!
Many, many thanks again guys.

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~健一的秘密天堂花园~ said...

Hey, Iz, is Kenn lar from TRAXX, so jz hanging around your blog and see see lar.

All the best for your album, i will go to the website and check, vote your song wherever there have vote session, ya.

All the best