Sunday, May 18, 2008

Gonna Be Alright is No. 2 - Chong Lim - Photoshoots & Interviews.

Gonna Be Alright is currently at the No. 2 spot on FlyFM’s CampurChart with DJ Basil… yaye! You can check out the chart here (They’ve finally updated the chart):

Or follow the instructions below on how to VOTE & help Gonna Be Alright climb to No. 1!
IZ Gonna Be Alright to & put IZ GONNA BE ALRIGHT in the subject & message OR BY SMS, Send Campur[space]IZ to 33399 (this costs 50cents) now!

More news as promised.
Finally, I have got my EP mastered just last Thursday! Can’t wait to start working on the album… hehehe… Found out from Nick Lee (The guy who mastered my EP who recently won an AIM award) that Chong Lim booked the studio I used for my recordings, for 4-full days last week in KL. Nick didn’t know who Chong Lim was (duh), he just told me about this Malaysian guy who brought in his gadgets & engineer from Australia to do some recordings. I was like, What's his name? Nick answered, Chong... As I straightened my body and took attention I asked Nick, Umm is it Chong Lim? Nick replied YES (Nick still didn’t have a clue who Chong was), & there I was... jumping like crazy. I said, What a coincidence! (Just so you guys know, a lot of good coincidences have been happening to me in the past 6 months of my life) I even called Chong yesterday morning in Melbourne to tell him the story. Why am I so excited? :-p

Chong Lim, who hails from Ipoh, Perak is one of Australia's most talented & experienced musicians with experience spanning over 20 years in the entertainment industry Down Under. He went to Melbourne as a student (That is so me hehe) and studied engineering in the 70s (He told me he was a good student), and now he is a famous Producer, Musical Director, Arranger, Keyboard Player, Sound Programmer and Composer… he even worked with Kylie Minogue for her world tour, got his music played in the Olympics and even performed in the last Commonwealth Games held in Melbourne. All I gotta say is, Chong is huge! And I am meeting him next week here in Kuala Lumpur... whopey! I am so excited. I met up with Chong way back in 2004/2005 at his studio in Kew, Melbourne when I was an undergraduate student at RMIT, and he was such a cool guy. I got to know him, when a good friend of mine, Luke Wagner who knew his wife, Margaret and told her, “Hey we have another Malaysian boy here who's fresh off the boat (lol) and he is also passionate about music, singing and performing. Lets have him in Chong’s studio!”. So yeah, one thing led to another and I met up with Chong. I didn’t know then how influential Chong was until I spent more time in Australia and had the chance to meet up with more music industry people in Australia (i.e. John Foremen, Keiko) who only had good things to say about Chong Lim, the man I am meeting next week. Huhuhu… can’t wait. (I suggest you guys go Google Chong Lim, will make us Malaysian peeps proud. Malaysia Boleh! Ha-ha)

Other than my big meeting next week with Chong, my mum has scored a couple of photoshoots and interviews with entertainment magazines next week & it's going to be a FULL week!, so I am going to be quite busy doing all that… I’ll experiment with my poses this time; have to call up my modeling instructor, Tyra Banks! Haha. Ciao for now guys… and thanks for voting!

Oh, before I forget... met up with DJ Uno of HitzFM at Nick's studio and shamelessly asked him to play my song more on Hitz... now that it's number 2 on Fly, Hitz gotta do something pronto! Right?

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