Sunday, May 11, 2008

Kan Cheong (Chaos) Kitchen

Last night I quickly went to 8TV’s website to watch the premier episode of Kan Cheong (Chaos) Kitchen which I missed last Friday night (super busy at the mo’). I am not sure which episode I will be on tho' but will definitely keep you guys in the loop… just go visit the link below to get an idea what Kan Cheong Kitchen is all about… It’s seriously hilarious! Ayu and Shila (I miss them) were funny as hell… till then, don't forget to tune into FlyFM’s CampurChart today from 7pm to 8pm. Ciao.

“Setiap minggu, sebanyak dua kumpulan bakal ditampilkan. Mereka diberikan masa selama setengah jam untuk menyediakan masakan yang dikehendaki. Dalam episod yang membabitkan pasangan Iz dan Tiara (One In A Million) OIAM2 dan pasangan Farah Asyikin (OIAM1) dan Rina Azhar (OIAM2), mereka dikehendaki menyediakan gulai asam pedas ikan pari bersama bendi”.
Click here for the full article in Malay.

To watch the repeat of Kan Cheong Kitchen’s First Episode on 8TV's website, CLICK HERE

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