Sunday, June 22, 2008

Acting Saved My Life/ Ria Sentral interview.

I attended an acting workshop yesterday called Acting Saved My Life (9am to 5pm!) conducted by two young Malaysian actors namely Asyraf Sinclair & Sazzy Falak. I thought I had heaps of fun despite of me not getting enough sleep as a result of me slaving away at the recording studio the night before. Learnt a lot. Too long to explain here but yeah, the main reason why I attended the workshop was because I like to find out more on how I could ‘express’ myself better when I perform live by getting into different characters to suit different songs or through simple gestures.
Asyraf, me, Aishah & Sazzy
Also got interviewed by Sazzy for her show on one of Astro’s cable channels called RIA SENTRAL on Astro Ria. I am not quite sure when it’ll be aired but was told it’ll be aired this week or probs next. Aside from Hai Magazine, I am also out in Frenz this month. Check it out… & thank you for your comments on ‘Bersama, Together’ guys! Ria Sentral will feature it. Regards. IZ.
Frenz Magazine put my article besides Marie Digby.

8TV Quickie interview


mnsw said...

u look very awkward iz. mcm kekok sgt. why?

imborntosingsongs said...

Really? do i? I don't know, i enjoyed the interview... and yeah I baru baik frm demam and other than that I felt really comfortable.