Monday, July 7, 2008

My Malay single [Bersama, Together] tonight on xFresh.

Hey guys,
Be sure to tune into XFreshFM tonight from 10.45PM to 12PM to listen to 'Bersama, Together Featuring Nora Danish' Let me know when you hear it on my blog OK?! [Special thanks to Joshua at XFreshFM].

*If you're in Sarawak, make sure to tune into CatsFM to catch both my English[Gonna Be Alright] & Malay[Bersama, Together Featuring Nora Danish] singles on air. (Special thanks to Mr. Iskandar)

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Swee said...

Hi Iz, i like to meet up with you to discuss if we can create a mobile community for you and feature you at the same time? There is no costs to you. I'm Swee from Can you pls email me? My email is sytan (at) pacmee {dot} com

Swee Yeong