Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Morning people! I am going to Media Hiburan’s anniversary today (Thanks Cale!) at KL Tower & hopefully they are doing it in the revolving restaurant in the tower… yaye! Never been there. Below are my appearances this month.

- Get the latest copy of Media Hiburan now. I am in there… woot woot.
- Astro Ria/ Thursday 3rd of July 5PM-repeat 9PM. I am going to be on Ria Sentral talking about the EP plus ‘Bersama, Together’ will be nominated for Ria Sentral’s music chart… woohooo
- MuzikFM/ 13th July. Radio interview, promo for my debut release plus ‘Bersama, Together’ will be on air.
- Checkout Majalah REMAJA out on the 15th of July.
- URTV [No idea when]
- The Star Newspaper (Star Two & I'm on the cover!) Friday 4th July
- Malay Mail [will update]
- Nanyang Siang Pau [Mandarin Newspaper/ will update]
- 27th July, Jom Bowling MuzikFM - Longest Non-Stop Bowling event. Malaysia Book of Records.
I will also be doing interviews in Singaporean radios plus Sabah/ Sarawak soon. Will let you guys know when that’ll be okay? My team & I are currently putting the finishing touch to the EP out soon. Ciao! IZ

UPDATE: Just came back from Media Hiburan's anniversary... scored a couple of photos!
Sarah, IZ & Aishah SinclairOIAM'ers are back Season 1 & Season 2
[Frm left: Mark, Farah, IZ & Alif]


Beruang Madu said...

terima kasih bertandang ke blog Abg Bear... its a nice song... keep up a good work

imborntosingsongs said...

Thanks Abg Bear,

If you have an email I could forward you links to my songs.
It will be out this month under SonyBMG.

Have a nice day! IZ