Saturday, August 9, 2008


Sorry guys, I lost my list of the 30 lucky people for the free CDs. The only names I could remember at the top of my head is 1) Azie, 2) Goldfish, 3) Zir, 4) Intan, 5) Bal, 6) Namew, 7) Wanie, 8) Mike & 9) Al 10)Wafa 11)Joey 12)Allison 13)?????? (Updated)
So can anyone of you who logged on during the launch help me remember? Send your names to
Don’t cheat ah :-p TQ

*Also to anyone of you who intends to download my full MP3/Truetones tracks frm my EP, pls make sure your phone is WAP enabled. Then only send MUSIC to 33138

*For Ring Back Tones [DIGI/MAXIS/CELCOM] click HERE

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playtoy said...

i was one of the 30 ppl iz!!