Friday, September 12, 2008

GOSSIP EXPLAINED - Berita Harian | NTV7 The Breakfast Show | GUA MUZIK's Anniversary

Went to a party celebrating Gua Muzik's 1st anniversary last night. Met up with so many interesting new ppl. On my way home, I made a quick stop over at Bangkok Jazz to meet up with Renee. Haven't seen the girl for quite awhile... gosh. To me, she is one of the prettiest Chinese girls around [Don't perasan]...

Checkout Naz & Daphne Iking talking about my debut EP on NTV7, The Breakfast Show. VOTE FOR MY SINGLES HERE. TQ

On another note, many have asked me about the gossips spreading around the Malay media regarding my management being “pushy”. It’s about time that finally a full page article titled ‘Tak melenting cerita buruk (Can’t be bothered with any goss lol)’ was out in Berita Harian (HIP) last Wed & I hope those who asked will be happy with my explanation in that article. Thanks to Kak ‘Cham’ [Editor] & Kak Serimah [Writer] for putting it out there.
*Read the full article HERE on BERITA HARIAN.

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