Saturday, September 20, 2008

I am Officially flat out.

Hey guys, How's your puasa so far? I've been busy as usual penat giler. Went to Capital FM 88.9 yesterday, which I bet a lot of you aren't aware of. It's THE radio station for KLites. I haven't got the opportunity to be online much due to the piling workload that I have to attend to, hope you'll understand. I'm also currently working on a couple of very interesting projects which involves my EP & my full album.

Above: At CapitalFM | & with Elena at Carven Ong, a friend who flew down frm Melbourne last week. I call her the hotel heiress ;-p Oh, I wore a dead fox around my neck...hehe... it's not mine but it felt good.

Wrote a couple of new tracks & will also be collaborating with a list of really talented ppl. I'm really excited & I intend to keep going at the rate I am at now. Nothing is stopping me (Haha evil laugh). I promise I'll make sure to blog everything just for you guy's kay? You'll be hearing more from me in the weeks to come. By the way more magazine galore, do check me out in this month's GLAM Lelaki, HYPE, frenz! & Sensasi.

That's me in Glam Lelaki. They photographed my Hermes silk hanky & my favorite Dior Homme brooch!
IZ tidak lupa budaya sendiri (SENSASI)... Of course! :-)
'GONNA BE ALRIGHT' Cabaran IZ OIAM (frenz!).
I'M BORN TO SING (HYPE). Saya setuju! Hehe. HYPE put my full page article next to Suki OIAM1. I can imagine my photo saying 'Hi Suki!' LOL
...and HYPE gave me 90 marks for my EP as much as Malaysian legendary band, Alleycats! Woa.

Ciao! Much Love. IZ.

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