Thursday, September 25, 2008

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At last! After THREE (3) full months, TV3’s popular music show (Muzik-Muzik) finally called me up with the good news earlier this week. BERSAMA TOGETHER FT. NORA DANISH gonna be nominated for Muzik-Muzik!!!! Yay! I am so bloody excited! I’ll be performing LIVE on Muzik-Muzik, October 16th 2008 @ 5PM, TV3 so don’t forget to tune in OK? It is not easy to get on Muzik2 as they have a panel of people who approves which song & performer qualify to be nominated. My manager also saw DJ Zura from HotFM, asking her if she can put Bersama, Together on the playlist but she said it will all depend on the votes I get from my fans & also from the Prelude program on Saturdays. So guys! PLEASE VOTE HERE for Bersama Together ☹ TQ
I spent like 9 hours worth of songwriting, chit chatting, jamming, brainstorming, & silly singing with Pop Shuvit at their home studio last Monday. We finished like around 6AM & we ended up with around three songs that MIGHT end up on my full studio album hehehe ☺ don’t now which one yet. Rin (Wife of AJ Pop Shuvit) were very nice to my manager & I with all the junk food & lemonade. Rin was entertaining my manager while I was in the studio, I don’t know what were they gossiping about.

Also went to the EH! Magazine [Buka Puasa] with kids from a couple of orphanages around KL. ... and I found out that I lost my mobile phone when I got home. Grrrr.

More mag galore! Check out this month’s issue of TELL Magazine & the October issue of Cosmopolitan. There will also be a story on me in YEzz plus PEREMPUAN. Ciao!
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