Monday, January 19, 2009

Anugerah Juara Lagu 23. Heaps of fun!

Did you guys catch AJL23 on TV last night? Wow, I was blown away by all the performances seriously… I hope to be on that stage one day (Droolz). I thought all 14 songs were such strong contenders… I enjoyed all of the performances but of course I have my own favorite but I can’t tell you guys which, hehehe. Who was your favorite? [Answers in the ChatBox]

Michelle from MELODI interviewed me on the red carpet, met up with Kak Jaclyn, DJ 'Aura' Shai frm RiaFM Singapore, & of course AYUuuu! I love her new hair. Anyhoo, not even halfway through the show I was starving… lapar gile… & this includes LOL my cousin Moe Nasrul [FlyFM’s traffic guy who sat beside me], Ben Ibrahim [Gua's Kaki Bola] and our newly crowned Miss Malaysia World 2008, Soo Wincci. Ben, Soo Wincci & I are currently being managed by Mr. Kenji Luthfee alongside Deborah Henry [Miss Malaysia World 2007] & Cassandra Patrick [Miss Malaysia World 1st Runner up 2006/07]

Kenji, being the ever caring manager, went outside to buy food to feed Moe & I budak2 yg kelaparan LOL… He had to hide two burgers & 2 cokes underneath his shirt as no food were allowed during the show. Moe & I ONLY took our bite when the camera didn’t hover over us! LOL.

I performed for an event where I met Angeline from Pi Mai Pi Mai Tang Tu. You won't believe that she has two kids & looking like that...

After the show, went to Pavilion with my Publicist/Pa, Az for lunch at this Japanese place.... really cheap! and sedap. [Come to think of it, I rarely post photos of my food like this other popular blog].

Went for a walk to help digest my rather heavy lunch & saw the Chinese New Year deco in front of Pavilion's main entrance. I felt as if I am in another country. I love the feeling of being in another place, maybe because I am the type of person who loves to travel... sigh

Oh well, I am heading to Jakarta in less than 2 weeks!... will let you guys know what I am doing there. So stay tuned tau. Ciao!