Monday, February 2, 2009

HELLO! From Jakarta Central.

Hey guys! Just wanna give a quick shoutout to all you guys there, including all of you 'silent' readers of this blog hehehe I know you're watching me but I can 'see' you too you know?! LOL.... please do say hi in the Chatbox. Thanks to the other visitors who did write, keep visiting my blog yeah?

Anyways, I have met up with a couple of Indonesian producers plus songwriters to collaborate with for my full studio album and one of them is the cool DJ Sumantri who have produced among all well known songs such as Lelaki Ini, Ketulusan Hati = Anuar Zain, Godai Aku, Matahari, Tak Ada Logika = Agnes Monica, Dewi Sandra, Dewi Persik, Glenn dan macam2 lagi. Such a cool guy he is.... hung out at his studio with my Indo friends from Melbourne, he even gave me (FOC! Thanks Mr. DJ) my Indonesian SIM card with Telekomsel because I didn't know where to get one. Oh! If you guys want to call me & say hi to me in Jakarta just dial +6285287300037 LOL. I wish I could upload photos from the Living Room Studio @ ITC Permata Hijau area in Jakarta but I couldn't do that now because I am writing this post from an internet cafe on Jalan Acheh... Also I found out from one of my Indo friends that Barack Obama used to grow up and go to school in Menteng, Jakarta! Kewl eh???

I went to an event in Kuningan area last Friday held at this club called Puro (Blowfish) & hung out with Nicholas Saputra, Samuel Rizal & Acha Septriasa (Who is on holiday currently because Lim Kok Wing tengah cuti) and yeah, they're nice people.... Our table was next to anak presiden Indonesia punye table.... LOL.

I hope to be able to upload photos on my next post for you guys.... keep checking my blog ya? Don't be shy to say hi! Bye for now and be safe. Much love. IZ. Central Jakarta.

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