Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Meeting SALLY YEH in Genting Highlands | Bob & Farah AF2 | Hair Kunst | Farah Asyikin | MELBOURNE next week

Hi guys. Another interesting anecdote from this week that I like to share with you guys. I went to a very interesting concert last weekend held at The Arena of Stars stadium, Genting Highland in conjunction with Valentines Day. It was a full Chinese concert by Hong Kong superstar, Sally Yeh and I can tell you that I only understood like 1% from the whole thing but what really amazes me was that I actually really enjoyed it. My manager, Mr. Kenji wanted me to learn how a Hong Kong legend do her thing. Found out later that Sally Yeh couldn’t speak Chinese as she grew up in Canada. How did she do it then? Was it all scripted?
I found this on the Internet, Sally Yeh: Against All Odds. Sally Yeh is famous for the way she works in the recording studio. She grew up in Canada and didn't know Chinese. Producers and lyricists translated their work into English phonetics on big poster boards. Even though the translation looked like a flurry of nonsense, to Sally, it was like an art moved by Beethoven: language impairment or not, Sally had the inner intuition to direct every song into a precise performance. And you'd better believe it. To the outsider, this sounds like nonsense. But to Sally and her mentor George Lam, it's given both a "can do" attitude.

Amazing eh? I can really relate to this as I don’t speak any Chinese whatsoever & I have really tried my best when I sang my Mandarin version of Gonna Be Alright, HUI HAO DE. I was of course excited to meet her backstage after the show... and yeah passed her my CD :-p

Went to an event by Schwarzkopf yesterday at Hair Kunst, The Curve (My official hairdresser/ sponsor) when Bambang (Owner) texted me to come. Decided to go even though it was on short notice as I know going to Hair Kunst gonna be a lot of fun anyway! Met Bob & Farah from Akademi Fantasia 2 (I think).
I also went to Farah Asyikin’s younger sisters' akad nikah… so yeah... That is why we are both dressed up like that in that photo in case you’re wondering. So alim right?

I am going back to Melbourne next week! Can't wait!


Anonymous said...

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Nic Da Nic said...

i love sally yeh too

i am keihoa in friendly lodge of sally yeh
nice to met you too
going to get ur EP soon...