Friday, May 1, 2009

Performing A.L.O.N.E | A Cut Above 30th Anniversary | CLEO Bachelor 09 | GUA Muzik Interview | OIAM3- Aweera, Esther or Tomok?

Before I go on with my latest updates, I just like you guys to know how happy I am to get so many positive feedbacks on my latest yet to be released new single, A.L.O.N.E which I have performed live 3 times now. The many comments on my FACEBOOK page have been nothing short than encouraging. I am also very happy that a couple of my long time silent readers have finally ‘surfaced’ to tell me how much they love the song & some have even become official followers of this blog. TQ so much guys! (I hope more of my silent readers say hi to me too! Yes I am talking to you LOL).
I’d like to thank those who came to support me at the event I opened recently. I really appreciate it & I am glad you like my new songs especially A.L.O.N.E. Thanks for the feedback! Below is a YouTube footage of me performing A.L.O.N.E at the event I talked about previously which I had to take down for reasons I couldn't explain here. THANKS FOR YOUR CONCERN. SORRY GUYS.
To those who asked regarding A.L.O.N.E's radio debut … Be patient yeah? The wait will be over soon. The right time & moment is just around the corner. Kene sabar dulu yek? Good things come to those who wait (I'm telling that to myself too! Haha!) I will also update you guys on my future live performances ONLY if I am allowed to invite you guys & write about it. So keep checking out this space yeah? (To keep updated, be a FOLLOWER by clicking FOLLOW on the right side of this blog) Other than that, you can also follow me on TWITTER or my Facebook Fan page to get access to my performance videos & more! Hehe. Oh! I like to say hi to my Indonesian readers (esp. in Jawa Barat) as well! Makasih Yaaa? Some of you left comments in my Cbox & I really appreciate it! Gwe happy banget!
Anyhow, as I have mentioned in my previous post, I actually felt like superman the night I had to rush from A Cut Above 30th Anniversary Gala @ Mid Valley to the CLEO Bachelor event @ Zouk. So yeah, this is what I look like earlier that night for A Cut Above Gala Party…

[In this photo: Ben Ibrahim, Idan, Joyce & I]
And this is what I changed into for CLEO Bachelor @ Zouk. I went there to support my cousin, Moe Nasrul who is Bachelor #6 on CLEO’s 2009 list. Although he didn’t win anything, he surely looked like he had heaps of fun. I did too. Just want you guys to know that Moe has his own radio show on FlyFM during weekends. To find out more, say hi to the guy on his blog yeah? Tell him IZ sent you. LOL.

[In this photo: Me, Ben Ibrahim, Kenji]

[In this photo: Henny, Renee, Hisham, Swen, Moe Nasrul & I]
Will update you guys on my Gua Muzik article later. I am attending the One In A Million 3 Grand Finale TONIGHT. OMG! Who will win 1Mil Ringgit this time? Is it Aweera, Esther or Tomok? I reckon the OIAM3 lineup is much better than my year! LOL. That’s all! I will upload more photos to this post soon. Waiting on people. Zzzz.


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Love u IZ

Anonymous said...

Hello dear,

I log on your blog to show my friend your singing your new single A.L.O.N.E @ Burberry The Beat event but the video is not available. Where is it? Its not on Youtube tooo.


imborntosing said...

Hello guys,

Thank you for your support. I also have received a couple of emails asking me why I took down my opening performance for Burberry The Beat fragrance launch in SOGO the other day. I am deeply sorry I couldn't really share with you guys much details about these but want you guys to know that it will be back on my blog sometime soon. [I HOPE!]

Anonymous said...

Iz Beat performance is here! but not the videp la

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