Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My 2010 saga so far.... FULL UPDATE COMING UP!

Hello guys!
I am sure all of you've been wanting to know what’s the full story with me being the Opening Act for Wonder Girls last December 11th. All I can say is that it was HUGE! Now, if you’ve been following & dropping comments on my new Facebook Page (Which is on the right side of this page --->) & also my Twitter account (, I wanna take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude for staying with me & being kind enough to keep visiting & dropping all your kind, constructive comments… THANK YOU!

I know! I know I owe all of you a blog update about my experiences opening for USHER, how it felt when I did a LIVE duet with Tony Award Winner Lea Salonga, my trip to the US & winning 3 Gold’s, 2 Silver & A Bronze at the World Championship of Performing Arts last July, my Japan trip bla bla plus my upcoming plans, what can I say, the full update is coming & I promise it'll be good & it'll definitely be before New Years OK? At least you know that my updates are actually written by me & not some ghost writer! Hehe For now, please be satisfied with my Twitter & Facebook page (Say hi to me there!), which I regularly update on almost a day-to-day basis (Sometimes my page Admin will come in & help out).

Anyhoo, despite my absence here, I'm kinda surprised that the number of followers here are goin up! TQ guys! I gotta go now & stay tuned for THAT update! Cheers & Take care! IZ

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