Thursday, December 20, 2007

Bz Bz. (Continuation from my last post)

I really enjoyed Alam’s media grooming workshop on how to handle the media/ journalists yesterday. Alam is one entertaining guy. He is good at communicating his lectures to us ‘students’. Hehe. As usual Tiara was sitting beside me, so we could share out Mentos’s and what not. I love Tiara's personality. She is so gila-gila type of girl, but smart. LOL. Back to Alam. He shared his views with us on what goes on behind each propaganda in our entertainment industry, which was hugely interesting to me. I was shocked to hear some anecdotes he shared with us. He is a fun & hilarious guy too. We were all wide-awake even though we had to wake up pretty early in the morning to attend his workshop at 8TV. ZzzZzzzz

After a 2-hour session with Alam, we were all rushed to the Dance Studio Company in Cheras for performance training with Peter Liew, a very experienced & hugely talented & well-known choreographer. He taught us how to perform on stage by utilising our body language in the right way and also on how simple movements could add zing to a singer’s performance. He did mention that he preferred us to maintain our own individuality and he said his job is to turn us into a better performer on stage.

My session where Peter & I practiced with my song playing in the background was a very short short one. Now I have a better idea in my head plus a direction on how to perform & be myself on stage. (While we were in the van on our way back to the Peninsula Residence, Sarah challenged me if I would wear her freaking red lipstick & I took up her challenge. Hehe. It looked ugly on me. It is so effing RED! I looked like a disgusting, ugly, scary clown. LOL. I wanted to write what I made Siti Sarah did, but I couldn't... sorry guys I couldn't share that one. All I can say is that, once you are placed in a group of thespians, everybody is so out going, funny, crazy and NOISY! Gosh, I am really loving this experience. I hope I won't have to leave too soon. One thing about Sarah, she is good at imitating/ mimicking people and gosh, how she loves role playing. Haha.). Anyways.....

Our call time was at 11AM which meant we get to have a couple more hours of much needed sleep! Yay! Today, all of us went to Sri Pentas 2 at Plaza Alam Sentral, Shah Alam for sound check. We also had the opportunity to rehearse with Aubrey Suwito & his accompanying band, which also includes three backup singers! Hurrah! All of us just got to know about this today. So everybody was happy. We did vocal training with Amri and then later, the producer of the show did a run through rehearsal for the live show this coming Friday, 21st of December at 9.30PM 8TV. Anybody wants to come??? Tickes are pretty limited. It’s a free ticket!


Azreenyusof said...

Alaaaaaaaaa, share wit us laa IZ!
Wat did Siti Sarah do? She seems fun n loud (in a good way):)

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