Thursday, December 20, 2007

Photos Frm Yesterday's 8TV Quickie

These are the photos taken during the live interview with Belinda on 8TV Quickie yesterday. Thanks to Nat for taking these photos. Okay! I got one interesting anecdote I like to share with you guys. It was so funny when I presented Belinda with some Xmas tidbits I brought along with me to the show, where Belinda had forgotten her 1st question. It sort of went like this:

Belinda: So can you please introduce yourselves?
IZ: Hi, my name is Iz and I am from Kuala Lumpur. By the way Belinda, someone told me that you celebrate Xmas so I brought along something for you (This is when she lupa her next question sekejap)

One thing I learnt from what happened was, you just have to keep going on and try not to show what you have done wrongly or if things don't go as planned be sure to think & act quick! LOL. Belinda was a pro. She handled it quite well I thought. As you guys are now aware it was a live show. It was hilarious. Hehe. Anyways, Mark, AB, Roni & I had loads of fun. My eyes were like moving from camera to camera, because we were told before the show that we have to look at the red light. LOL. I thought we did pretty well. Don't forget to catch One In A Million Season 2 next Friday 21st December at 9.30pm 8TV. It will be my first live singing on TV! Im nervous.... Let me know if you want to come to Sri Pentas 2 Shah Alam to watch it. Cheers!


azreen yusof said...

Yeah, I saw Belinda sed,"What question was it?"=p
I totally agree wit u, u haf to act quick in every situation. Anyway, love ur top as always=p
They should ask u guys sing for few seconds during the show.*sigh*
But then again, it is a quickie show.
Hope to see u more on TV IZ!!

wahine said...

Thank you for providing us the link to 8Tv Quickie as I totally missed the show. I think you did quite good in the if we vote for ALL 12 who wins? :P
Anyways, I find Belinda's voice a bit too shrill...or have I developed a ultra sensitivity to pitch and notes of sounds after watching OIAM? lol...WEll done, Iz. Now do I get some Christmas treats like Belinda?