Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Catch me on 8TV Quickie tonight.

It is already 1AM now. Tiara & Nat (OIAM talent coordinator) is gossiping while I’m typing this. Anyway, yep Tiara, Joni & Shila was on 8TV Quickie tonight. The three of them were on the show for a mere 7-minutes! Tonight, it will be my turn. Roni, Mark, Ab will join me for a live interview tonight at 11.30PM on 8TV Quickie, December 18 with Belinda.

I have also received my minus-one for the song ‘Wait For You’ that I’ll be performing this coming Friday, 21st December prepared by Mr. Aubrey Suwito. My song will run for 1 minute & 55 seconds. Short ey?! LOL. Hahaha! I will try do my best.

Today will be a very busy day for all of the Top 12 people. There will be a Media Grooming session with Alam from 10am-12pm & then Dance Training from 2pm-4pm. The 8TV Quickie interview will follow later.

Yesterday was a fun day. The contestants were all assigned to a task of creating any musical instruments using things that can be found at the market. All 12 of us were divided into two groups, A & B. It was a lot of fun and we had the camera following us ala Amazing Race. I won’t give any more details. Will let you guys know when 8TV will be airing it. Other than that, I went for a run on the treadmill at the gym. Did some weights, and I went for a swim with Siti Sarah & Ab. The three of us then went into the sauna room… I feel so good today. Healthy and alive. Hope days like this will come everyday. More updates soon! Ciao.


cheryltan said...

hey chris!

haha. i'm just back from singapore for a while. good luck and i'll try to catch some episodes on tv and vote or yknow whatever.

take care ya!

kim (aka cheryl la)

Nessa said...

It's fun to read about your activities before the big show. At least we know what happens behind the scenes... I thought all you guys do is sing but I'm totally wrong!

It's great that you are able to blog about this. I hope you will stay until the finals.

More photos, pleaseee...

joandesire said...

ehehheheh any photos in d apartment?? slumber party perhaps??

chunkay said...

of course "we wait for you" to sing. sing and sing well ok. do it good . we'll vote for u dude!

azreen yusof said...

sounds like u guys r having fun!
luckily, i got back from work early tonite, definitely will catch u on 8TV quickie later!

Twinkle said...

Ok..I am going to watch tonight show... Wednesday 10 pm right?