Sunday, December 16, 2007

Today is Off Day!

Hi all. Just so that you guys know, today is an off day for all of us on the Top 12. I am now at home while writing this. Some of the other contestants couldn’t go back to their homes because they live in either Sabah or Johore. So I consider myself as being very lucky to be living in KL… BUT! I have to go back tonight to the hotel we are staying at by 9pm. My dad picked me up at 8TV today around 2am after I finished shooting my goodbye VT. All of us had to shoot our goodbye VT’s so that IF one of us get booted out this week, the show will play the eliminated contestant’s last words. So I did mine. I asked the crew why are they doing it late at night when my voice is turning deeper & deeper. They replied, “That’s what we want!”. LOL. I was like OK. The other girls & boys were sleeping away in the studio at 8TV last night, waiting for their turns to do their goodbye VT’s. POOR THEM.

Yesterday, all of us went to a makeup workshop by the MAC team at Pavillion. We were taught how to do male or female makeup. We were given our own MAC makeup kit as well! Use MAC people! LOL, they’re good. Hehehe. I learnt so many makeup techniques yesterday and was surprised with the things you can achieve with simple makeup. Thanks to Ms. Rachel Wong for your helpful makeup tips! I will certainly get in contact with you! I thought makeup was just lipsticks and bla bla bla! LOL. All of us got our makeup done and then we were rushed to our first roadshow at Subang Parade. It was a good turnout yesterday. Everybody had fun. We sang ‘Ain’t No Mountain High’ as a group. Each one of us also get to show off our vocal chops… hehehe… it was good fun meeting people. I can’t remember when was the last time I went to Subang Parade. Probably five years ago. Haha. It looked much better now. Our first roadshow ran for 1 hour 30 minutes & surprisingly my friend Baki hosted it. I knew Baki way way back. We went to the same college & were also roommates. Not only I met Baki, but I also met another long time friend of mine, Zura. She is now quite a popular actress and is doing a lot of films/ dramas. She is skinnier now. LIKE ME. HAHA. I haven’t seen her since I went for studies abroad. She is a busy busy girl now, so I was glad to get to meet her after so long! We hugged for a couple of minutes at my hotel lobby, where she was filming. Anyway, here are the photos from yesterday. I am going to have to pack now before I returned to the official One In A Million accommodation. Bye for now!

P/s: Any of you guys who missed my performance last Friday/ Saturday, there is the REPEAT SHOW you can catch this Wednesday. The REPEAT show will be at 10AM, Wednesday, December 19th on 8TV. Jangan lupa tengok siapa yang terlepas tengok hari tu tau!!!??? Anybody want to come and support me during the live show this Friday, DEC 21st? Lemme know! Cheers!

P/s 2: I am going to sing Elliott Yamin’s song ‘Wait For You’ on the live show this Friday, December 21st. I am still memorizing my lyrics. Hope all will be well! Wish me luck!


irastilettos said...

good luck dear
cant wait.
wats intan singing? :)

pakma said...

good singiiing... hope to see u doing it again.

Kenji Asakura said...

Oh yeah, Iz! Looking forward to your performance this Friday, great choice of song, (I've been listening to Wait for You ever since... 2 months ago). No worries, we won't be seeing your good bye VT because we are going to vote until our pocket berlubang, dude!

azreen said...

dude, i LOVE that song!
woohoo!ur singing that song!Cant wait to watch u sing that song beautifully like u did in the last show:)
All the best to u Iz! Give ur best to us, the viewers, we'll vote for u:)
U deserve our VOTE!

sue said said...

keep it up dude! i like ur hair color..