Friday, December 14, 2007

What do you guys think? Honestly?

I expect you guys to be honest to me. Tell me OK? (I will come back with photos from today's Press Conference & also what I did today). Be back!

Now I am back!
Today was quite busy but what an exciting day! Everybody had to be at the lobby by 9am. That’s what Renee and Nat (They are our talent coordinators/ drivers LOL) told us the night before. So, I was being my usual self, got out of bed in time so that I have enough time to sort things to bring to the Press Conference we had today. Basically what we did today was just a press conference involving various media in the Malaysian entertainment industry & the official introduction of the Top 12 finalists for One In A Million Season 2. Awal & Marion was the host for the PC. It was a lot of fun. We even performed “Ain’t No Mountain High” for the media as a group. It was the first time for all the Top 12 finalists to sing together & work together. I was pretty fascinated with how the whole event turned out. I had a ball because it was something totally new to me. I never had any reporter asking me questions relating to the things I aspire to doing or what I am going to do with my life… I just hope I gave the reporters usable quotes! Good enough for them to run it. Oh, the PC was held at the Boulevard Hotel attached to the Mid Valley building. We even got our own changing room… hehehe.

Other than that, we finished the PC around 5.30pm & rushed to the hotel we are staying at. All of us were pretty excited about watching our past Top 20 performance tonight. I for one didn’t really like the way I move my mouth while I sing. I think it is ugly but again it could be different to someone else. I will try to limit the movement of my mouth next time. I am really interested in getting comments from people. Especially negative ones. That is the only way I think I can grow and be better as a performer. Other than that I like everything about my performance for the Top 20. It is going to be sad for all the Top 12 because soon one of us will have to go and that could be me. I will give my best on the 21st of December (This Friday!). I am so excited because it is going to be a live show. It is really exciting to be apart of all these. Will write more tomorrow! Cheers, IZ.

P/S: (Tomorrow/ Esok) On the 15th of December, Saturday from 3pm to 5 pm, all the Top 12 finalists will be at Subang Parade doing our first road show. Come and join us! It’s going to be lots of fun!


Kenji Asakura said...

You look great, Iz! Gotta love that scarf thing on the white top. Also, I watched last night's Top 20 performance, damn you blew me a way big time! GREAT JOB! Iz, keep it up, thelight is shining brightly, in no time, you'll be a big star! Keep singing and entertain us with your fantastic voice, prove Paul Moss he made the right choice that night! Good luck!


mamat said...

at last i see no arrogance at all on u as what they said BRAVO! you did it! I love to see u more . YOU GOT STLE BRO. keep it up!

ashraf said...

Morning dude!
Im downloading that Billy Porter song=p
Honestly, it was SUPERB!!
U were in good control of your tone, pitching-but I was a bit scared actually wen u were bout to hit d high note but wen u did, it was GREAT!
n ur stage presence was quite good but there r still muc improvement u can do:)
Keep up the good work dude!
All the best!

norma said...

bestnya nak, anak mak cik pun suka sangat2, tengok awak nyanyi mlm tadi. ptg ni tv3 jam 5.00 nak tengok lagi tak puas rasenya. teruskan nyanyi ye? tak sabar nak vote ni...

aysha said...

congratulation iz, dngar awak nyanyi ramai kawan kata bagus, mmang pun, kami nak dngar lagi iz nyanyi lagu ape gaknya ye? mesti best!. keep up with a good job iz,

Miss Munira said...

Based on last nite's show, I can say that you are the most talented, powerful male singer on OIAM Season 2. No doubt you can be in the top 4 finalists ^_^ Keep up the good work! The female singers proved to be more powerful though. But I'm sure you'll cruise through your way. Good Luck IZ! Will see you on Friday!

p/s : AWESOME STAGE PRESENCE. but the thing about ur mouth, kinda true. hehe. you look better when you smile at the end. something to keep in mind ;)

xoxo Munira

aliah said...

Dear Iz,

Never knew that we have a great singer in the family. You made us, your aunties, proud of you! Can't wait to tell friends and families that Iz is one of our own!!! With God's will, luck and consistently superb performance you might have a fighting chance to the title. Give the other ladies with established 'names' a run for their money. Count me in an as an ardent fan already! Best of luck.
Mak Hitam

joandesire said...

the lips!! auwww.... but hey u sound great! a bit pitchy here and there but overall...lovin it!!!

Nessa said...

That was a wonderful song, I enjoyed it even though it was the 1st time I heard it.

Remember to choose the RIGHT songs OK... and jangan lebih2. Good luck to you :D

I was disappointed Nana didn't make it:(

PS. If you can, TELL Mark to shed his shyness... if wanna be a singer, he can't be shy2!

Iz said...

I miss Nana!

Ok will tell Mark! LOL. He is my roommate, and I am still getting use to his personality, very quiet person.