Friday, December 14, 2007

Misunderstandings/ Salah faham.

The past 2 days have been hell to me, with phone calls & text messages. People calling me arrogant & sombong, well not everybody la. Hanya orang-orang yang tak berapa faham how reality TV show such as One In A Million that I am involved with works. They work in mysterious ways (LOL) lawak je. It really hurts me especially when people who I know personally, who knew me… misunderstood me, and percaya TV, more than me. Also, the feedback that my parents get from their friends has been negative and didn’t work in my favour. Masa I kat TV, yes… I menunjukkan confidence tapi BUKAN arrogance or sombong! Not at all! I have forgotten how powerful the media could be. Tak sangka effect dia sampai macam ni. My mum pun dah paranoid sikithaha lawak gile. I harap esok semua orang dapat tengok my singing and hopefully they will change their minds. So esok jangan lupa tengok TV ok? 8TV, 14th December, Jumaat 9.30 malam. Enjoy the show! Sincerely IZ.

(And betul I tak sombong, masa tu I tgh dalam mood yang serious (Masa 4th episode for One In A Million, during personality test), bukan sombong, nama pun personality test. Tengok la show malam esok ok? Tadi I and the other contestants ada Media Grooming class to prepare us for a Press Conference. Kelas tadi dikendalikan oleh Alam, who told everybody untuk jadi humble and honest. So I akan cuba belajar menyesuaikan diri and be better. Wish me luck!)


azreen said...

Yeah, i agree with you.
Some people tend to form an impression based on the information they get (be it rumours etc), n those informations come from media which in ur case; a reality TV show.

Sadly enuff, not everyone appreciates one's honesty, being one true self.It's the culture maybe, when a person acts slightly different from the stereotype, it could be misunderstood by others. However, I'm sure there are many people out there who don't take it that way Iz.

So, since this is a reality TV show, u never know the plans/politics people behind the screen have planned for you. I think u should stay honest but try to avoid things that might be a good source for them to use to convince people-arrogant etc.

All the best Iz! Don't be stress so much by this.
Keep on entertaining us with ur great singing!

Daniel said...

Yo IZ!
Wassup?I terjumpe ur blog from my fren's blog.
Congrats on making it to the Top 20.
I pegi jugak time audition but I tak dapat terus.hahaha.
I tengok the show last Friday. I didn't find that as arrogant etc. Orang mungkin just salah faham. I think macam kelakar adelah. But, on the positive side kan, bagus jugak cos orang ingat who u r, at least me and my family cos u r quite outstanding I should say.
My family is tak sabar nak tengok OIAM malam ni cos tak penah tengok u sing complete satu lagu.
Best of luck dude!

nadia said...

technical perfection!
i do hope u show a lil bit of friendliness and connection with the audiences.

like..maybe kasi la that 'puss in boots' eyes ke to the camera while singing.

raise the bar k.
showing a lil malay/old school side of u wont hurt either.

congrats yeah.on making it into top12.
insyaAllah i'll see u n ur PA tomoro.