Monday, December 10, 2007

I made it!

Guys! I made it into the Top 12 for One In A Million Season 2!

I didn't expect to get this far. Top 20 was great and THIS? This is just a bonus to me, I am so very happy. My family & friends were all there cheering me which was good fun. I was so happy that I get to perform FOR them, because a large number of them have never heard my singing. I wanted to write more, but it has been a long day & I am so tired BUT happppeeeyyy!!!!

Will write more tomorrow when I get back from OIAM2 makeover. I promise I'll upload photos!


Kenji Asakura said...

AWESOME! Congrats Izz! Good luck with the Top 12! ^^

joandesire said...

i was there and u sang superb!!! hope u make it all d way!!

azreen said...

will the last show be aired this friday as usual?
i can't wait to watch u sing!
congrats for making it to the Top 12.
All the best Iz!
I'm waiting for ur next next show!

irastilettos said...

promise to upload k?
i wanna be there in every steps u made is as a winner :)