Friday, December 7, 2007

Me? Arrogant? Hahaha. Re: tonight's episode.

Me? Arrogant? That is the last thing anybody would think of me when they meet me in person. Well for me, I think it was just good TV. LOL, my confidence was misinterpreted as being arrogant. It's hilarious. I couldn't contain myself! LOL. I guess being labeled as arrogant (by Syafinaz) in a way could make a reality TV show like ONE IN A MILLION SEASON 2 be more interesting. It makes sense! In one way, it gives more colour or provide 'texture' to any reality TV show such as the one I am in at the moment. Regarding Elaine Daly's comment that the Dior Homme silver jacket I was wearing doesn't suit me... was not very constructive.. she could have suggested something else but... she didn't... Just... "I don't think it suits you". What can I do with ********* comments that is totally not constructive? NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. She thinks it is passe or macam Jefffrydin (A very talented Malaysian male star during the olden days), but she said that because she follows fashion and 'obviously a follower', which I am totally not. I like to think of myself as a leader rather than a follower... LOL. I know I got my own style.... again... does this statement considered arrogant too for Malaysian standards? Sigh. Perhaps I have got something to learn from, here in this competition. I admit I am in the middle of my learning curve so if what I wrote here pisses anyone, please forgive me. I prefer to be honest and say what's on my mind. I want Malaysia to know who I am. I am an open book. I am looking forward to comments that is both negative/ positive. That is how one improve oneself. Re: my silver Dior jacket, I wore the same outfit to a LEVIs fashion show at ZOUK in KL, last March 2007 and I was crowned KING OF THE NIGHT. It was a fashion show that I went to: with models on the runaway. They (Fashion people mind you designers etc. bla bla bla... not models like Ms. Daly) didn't think my outfit was passe (out of date). They chose me a nobody fomr the lot as the King of The Night. Geez. Check out this link if you don't believe me and look at the photos.


... and tonight's episode also didn't show Elaine's fondness of my Dior Homme silver shoes, and they didn't show the part where I was speaking Malay. I told them (in Malay) that I am in this competition to learn and experience new things. That I am aware some people might misunderstood my personality which is why I think One In A Million is the best platform for me untuk belajar menyesuaikan diri dengan semua keadaan.... LOL... People.... it's just good TV. I guess I am seen as 'good TV material' complete with 'make believe arrogance' by One In A Million Season 2. I'm going to show off my talent, my voice and what I am made of this Sunday 9th DEC 07'. Anyways, enough with the blabbing, I'm going to sleep now. Big day tomorrow. Like today I have to rehearse with the musicians tomorrow. Goodnight! (I am expecting a lot of sms's from friends who may think I have changed into 'an arrogant, conceited person' hahahah)


imborntosingsongs said...

Hi everybody, somehow the link didn't show itself orrectly so here it is

joandesire said...

i watched u last nite... it was an incredibly superb performance!!! bravo!!!

Nessa said...

Hello Iz! Congrats for making it to Top 12.

For any reality shows, the first person with any hint of arrogance will be the fist to get booted. I'm sure you are NOT what Syafinaz said but you must not go overboard.

It's Malaysia and the viewers do get influenced by what the judges say and what is being shown at them (the fact that they didn't show you speak Malay).

Compared to the rest of the bunch, do have style and confidence!

Anyway, you have talent, I wish you all the best... listen to the judges and sing beautifully without going overboard. Good luck :)

azreen said...

yeah i watched d show.
well, this is how reality tv show works.
i think u make d show more colorful=p
most importantly, u sang perfect dude!!n u looked really good tho in d silver jacket;)

keep rocking mr arrogant!=p