Friday, December 7, 2007

Im Tired. Body. Needs. Rest. Vocal. Rest.

I like to keep this entry short and sweet.
I wanted to do a full update of what I have been up to today at 8TV & also about the vocal session I had with Mr. Amri, the vocal teacher hired by One In A Million, BUT, it’s already 2.25AM and I need my sleep as I have to get up very early tomorrow for a chance to rehearse my song with Aubrey Suwito and his musicians. Just quickly, today, I had to be at 8TV around 1pm and the vocal training started around 2 and ended around 6.30pm. It was a fun class, where I learnt a couple of new things relating to singing techniques, breathing techniques and vocal exercises. Now I know how I can really improve my singing plus my song choice is pretty demanding! It was great fun and I consider myself as being very lucky to be given the chance to do this with a really well known vocal instructor. I'm so blessed!

Also, when I got there at the TV station, I did get to meet with my cousin Moe. Rubia who flew in from India just to support me in this competition was happy to see him because I have been telling her about Moe all this while. Anyway, when today’s session finished, Intan Sarafina, Tunku Tiara, Rubia, Julian & I went to One Utama for dinner. We went to ‘DELICIOUS’ where I had a really yummy chocolate brownie… which wassss still warm when I digged into it. It was so good. Intan, Rubia and Tiara had a chocolate brownie too. So sinful! Nyummo! Hehehe. Anyway, I am going to sleep now. I’m so tired and I think my body really needs its rest. Will do a more detailed entry tomorrow IF I have the time. I’ll upload some photos soon too! Ciao & goodnight.

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irastilettos said...

have a good rest my dear.