Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Fittings & One In A Million 15-seconds Shoutouts (Peninsula Residence)


Renee (OIAM crew) texted me a couple of days ago that she needs me (And the rest of the OIAM2 Top 20) to be at the Peninsula Residence, 10 Jalan Semantan off Jalan Semantan in Bukit Damansara today. I was lucky enough to actually find the place as soon as I arrived around the area but Intan Sarafina & Tunku Tiara got lost. Intan called me while I was on my way to the location, but I couldn’t help much as I am not very well verse with KL to start with anyway. The new talent coordinator (I didn’t catch his name) had to find them and brought them to the hotel. I also called Ryzal and found out that he was in Terengganu. He took the plane to get to the shoot in KL and explained later that he was there for a show. Good on him. Joel was absent today. Shahila told me he had to work. I take my hat off to people who have to sacrifice their career or whatever they have going for them in their day to day lives just to be in One In A Million Season 2. Passion does come at a price.

Later, all of us had our measurements taken by a stylist from 8TV. I was secretly hoping that I don’t have to wear any of their clothes because I don’t think I will be happy with how it will look. I guess I was just being paranoid then because I’m pretty particular when it comes to items of clothing I like to put on. Regarding today’s shoot…again, it was another long wait. I am actually, slowly getting use to all the waiting. I’m so grateful for the colourful personalities this show is blessed with, or else I would die of boredom. Basically, the crew wanted us to do a quick 15-second shoutout right in front of the camera. They preferred us not to look at our script and try maintaining eye contact with the camera. I thought to myself, “I’m gonna nail this!”, but it wasn’t as easy as it looks. I had my lines written out for me as a result of a prior discussion I had with the scriptwriter for the show, Tania. So I quickly memorised it, and delivered it as clearly as I could, making sure it was within the 15-second time frame. It wasn’t easy because I had to do it quickly and I was making sure that I enunciate each word properly. I hate it when people are being lazy, or they just don’t care and just slur all their words… very bad habit.

After so many edits, my line went like this, “Hello! I’m Iz. I’m passionate about music and I am born to sing & entertain. I’m here because I think this is the best opportunity for me to experience & learn more about our music industry inside out. So, expect a lot of surprises from me as I have a lot to offer you guys!”. As corny as it sounds(Now I realised), I thought I delivered my line to perfection whilst making sure my smile stayed on (And my teeth exposed all the time… LOL) as the camera rolled. I didn’t want anybody especially my friends or family who knew me thought of me as being sombong or high-class/ diva-esque (that’s the word my friends use… LOL). Note: Thanks for your feedback guys! I will make sure I smile for the camera even when I am tired shit.

Anyway, I am looking forward to the first rehearsal session/ vocal training with Aubrey Suwito (The music director for this show) and his accompanying musicians this Thursday, gosh can’t wait! I got the lyrics to the song I am going to sing too! Renee gave it to me before I left just now. Rubia messaged me on Facebook that she will be arriving in KL early tomorrow morning (probably while I am still asleep) from Hyderabad just to come and support my involvement with One In A Million. Joey texted me saying that she will be back from Singapore tomorrow. Oh well, I can feel my heart pounding in anticipation. I’m feeling quite nervous now especially when I thought about the performance this Sunday. Nervousness can be good. Thinking positive thoughts now. ☺

Update: Julian came back from Melbourne just last Monday to support me in this show. How sweet of him. I will probably have him join Rubia & I when I go for the rehearsal at Sri Pentas this Thursday. Gonna ask him a favour... hehehe.

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