Monday, December 3, 2007

‘INSIDE OUT’ Shoot – Friday, 30th NOV, 2007

Today, I sat for an interview with the One In A Million Season 2 crews (Nicole & Basil), which was great fun. We started the shoot around 1pm and it ended 4 hours later. Two days before the shoot I did call Tiara and Ryzal (Both on the Top 20) and asked them how long it took them to complete their shoot. Tiara told me hers took around 7 hours the same with Ryzal. I was so glad mine finished early, probably because I am easier to work with…LOL. The shoot was basically about me, my interests other than singing & music, my family and friends. I had Fazan (sister), Moe (cousin), Emily (long time close friend), Syura & Joey (my Melbourne friends) gave an interview. They were all great! Sharing their thoughts on me. All good. He he. I asked Nicole what is this interview for and she said that it is for One In A million Season 2 ‘INSIDE OUT’. I’m like oh cool, I hope I said the right things… ha ha! We were all tired at the end of the shoot but it was all worth it because we had a lot of fun doing it. Will let you guys know when it will be on TV.

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