Sunday, December 23, 2007

Photos During & After The Show - VOTE YES IZ to 33399 and 33838


Azreenyusof said...

Nice pics dude!
Btw, baguslaa u bukak ur mouth luas2 cos honestly u haf a nice set of teeth!
I wish bole fotostat=p

eMilyism said...

gig si iz mmg cantik..tapi certain angle time dia bukak multu tu nampak pelik...

iz saw the second performance again on youtube...second time tgk kat youtube baru i boleh menghayati your fragged feet and running running kat pentas tu...
masa i tgk first time on tv...i tak brapa dapat rasakan your penghayatan.

second time tgk lagi best and appreciated your performance better.

and you're right...the second performance due to the sound didnt give your voice much justice.

love you!~

Lia71 said...

I'm so glad i found ur blog!!..Thanx 2 cari forum member who posted t link.

Luff all t pics..I hope 2 see more of t exclusive "behind t scenes action"...Luff u IZ...I hope u wouldnt be wearing that coat again nextweek...;D

Hi all Iz fanz..nice 2 meet u guyz!