Sunday, December 23, 2007

Maaf! baru bangun tidor. VOTE YES IZ to 33399 and 33838

Sorry guys!
I have been resting after the LIVE show. Semua contestants semua memang penat. We had a long day masa live show hari tu. Bayang kan bangun dari pukul 7.30 pagi and stayed awake sampai pukul 1pagi. So tired. But the producers of the show already told us that this is normal. I guess, I have to get use to this quickly. No no no, I’m not whining. I am enjoying myself being in this competition. Really.

Ok, this time around, I am going to touch on my performance, a bit on other contestants, our state of health, and how it feels like watching myself during the repeat show on TV3.

Honestly, I am very happy with my performance during the LIVE show. Paul said I was being a drama queen, BUT he meant it in a good way. I did what I did because I really felt that song. A lot of people told me they liked my performance on 8TV during the LIVE show too. I felt a strong connection towards ‘Wait For You’ by Elliott Yamin. I was so sad when I sang that song. I almost cried on stage. I couldn’t really sing sebenar nya then. I felt so sedih. I didn’t really care the way I looked whilst singing that song, or how wide I opened my mouth. I am, however, going to take Syafinaz’s comments on board. I find it really constructive & helpful. She commented on something that I could improve on in order to be a better singer. She mentioned that my voice would sound better if I don’t open my mouth too wide while singing. But again, I was sad and emotional during my performance last Friday. Many might misinterpret my performance as exaggerated drama. I’ve already expected that. It was not exaggerated or fake. It was real. Also some thought I was a bit out of tempo but Paul & Syafinaz didn't touch on that at all (This includes Aubrey Suwito, the music director), so I trust their judgement as professionals. I know that Elliott Yamin's song is not as dramatic as Time by Billy Porter, but I need to show to people that I can do pop as well. NOT just serious music. If they think serious music should be slow and full of vocal acrobatics~lah

Moving on to the other contestants. I thought everybody did a great job considering it was our first LIVE show. Some of the contestants on the show were unwell. I won’t say who. They did a good job too I thought. Ada yang demam, yang pening, yang nervous, for me, before I went on stage, I was already feeling sad thinking of the lyrics of the song I was about to sing. I was such an emotional wreck then. It was hard after I finished the song, and when Marion joined me on stage. I had to change my sad face to a smiley one. It was not easy for me to jump from one character to another in a split second. I thought I did well when Marion announced my voting number, which is when I smiled.

I saw my LIVE performance again yesterday on TV3, which was heavily edited. Really! My performance was cut short and there were no comments from Paul after I finished my song (They cut short my performance as well). Paul’s comments were positive. They should have showed that one instead of Syafinaz’s. Furthermore, I was the only contestant with no comments from Paul during the repeat on TV3 yesterday. Many have asked me why. Here is an explanation I received from OIAM2 after an email I sent to them. Read this. It should answer some of your questions:

Strange, I thought I gave you Paul's comments for last week's Top 20. (the one where he said he didn't want to like you, but after the performance he changed his mind). Unless TV3's censorship board removed it.

I didn't cut it for TV3 for this week's ep. They shorten it from 90 mins to 60 mins which essentially means they had to cut out alot of the show since a 60 min show on TV3 = 45mins of actual air time. If you want to watch the Uncut show, it's gonna be aired on 8TV 10am Wednesday morning, the full 90 mins. It's basically gonna be what was seen on TV yesterday night.

As for what TV3 decides to censor, we aren't inform about it by them about what they cut out until we see it on air. On 8TV's side, at least we are informed by our censorship board.

TV3 will stop shortening our program after 4 more episodes. Then they are gonna air the same thing 8TV airs. In the meantime the voting promos are playing on 8TV until Monday night to get people to vote. Also Inside Out starts Thursday night so don't miss that.

Cheers buddy and best of luck.

So yeah that is what I got. I truly enjoy singing, everybody when I get up in the morning, afternoon or night ke, I just think about singing. Singing keeps me full and content. I think that is what most important. I will post more photos soon. Have to get it from others. Bye bye and don’t forget to vote for me!

VOTE YES IZ to 33399 and 33838

p/s: photos will be uploaded soon!


wahine said...

Kenji, thanks for the link to youtube but dang, the acoustic quality that came out of that was quite bad and the sound is not in sync with the mouth movements.

Iz, I guess that's part of being a public figure. Bye, bye rest and privacy and you have to look a 100 bucks no matter how little sleep you got.

I wonder y you have to run quickly to the center stage looked odd and more magnified on tv (somehow) then seeing it live in the studio.

I think it is great that you feel the song as Shafinaz correctly said in the previous ep. "a song is a journey of emotions" and it's a great plus to personalized that song to you. [Ha! Who are you waiting for, dude? ] However, I think most of the performers that night fail to connect and appeal to the audience within the studio. May be it is frightening to look at the sea of audience in front with cameras zooming on you, but try you must...

How is that done? WEll, perhaps by having a direct contact with selected few ....

Well, Iz..I know Mark is your roommate pal and all for now, but I just sent in my votes to vote him out. May be his looks would save him but I hope to see people who could really sing up the ante even higher.

Raise the bar each time you perform as we expect no less.. if each of the contestants feel they are worth to win a million bucks... Ain't No mountain high enough, right?

Demanding Wahine

wahine said...

Sorry, a bit of typo ;-) 'direct contact' really meant 'direct eye contact' la... and establish it with with a friendly and encouraging face in the audience.

Just wondering:
Why can't you put your blog link on the 8Tv profile of contestants so that they can be directed to here and read more stuff about you?

Where is the next live show gonna be held?

Iz said...

The next live show will be this coming Friday, 28th December, same time. The show will start with the elimination of 2 contestants, BEFORE the performance.

eMilyism said...

Iz, why were you so emotional? yeah, your sadness translated well on camera.

And yes, i do agree with you that finally there was a constructive criticism from the judges on you this time around, where you can actually improve on.

My sis cakap if you sing anuar Zain's Lelaki Ini, you can tap into the large malay fan base as well. Do consider this for your next performance.

I totally agree with wahine on why you ran so quickly to the centre stage. But however, what's been done is done. And it takes a seasoned performer to have the perfect performance isn't it? this is after all a learning process where we can take it in our stride.

My whole family watched 3R today. Sedih la only 15 seconds