Saturday, December 22, 2007

Performance Review (1st LIVE show) & UpDate

Next week is 'Idol Week'. I have chosen to sing Robin Thicke's 'When I Get You Alone'.
If YOU want to see me perform next Friday on December 28, pls VOTE for me. Details are as below.

Send YES IZ to 33399 and 33838 or DIAL the fixed line numbers appearing during the show.

1 - Watch me again TODAY, December 22nd ON TV3 @ 5pm! TERIMA KASIH SEMUA ATAS SOKONGAN YANG AMAT KUAT! SAYA AKAN CUB BUAT YANG TERBAIK! You can also find my performance on YouTube

2 - ALSO! Watch my interview with 3R on TV3 @ 7.30pm - Sunday, December 23rd - TOMORROW!

3 - IF you missed my interview with Belinda on 8TV Quickie, you can find it on 8TV's website. GO to & then click CATCH UP TV & then click The 8TV QUICKIE & then click The 8TV Quickie : 18Dec07/23:30pm


azreenyusof said...

I saw u just now!WOW, u were a drama queen!LOL.
It was a great performance, very entertaining along with the EXPRESSION=p
IZ, honestly uve the X factor!Etho I can't really listen to ur high note this time due to choice of song, u did a good job!
Keep it up ok??!!

eMilyism said...

i love your performance last night iz! My whole family was watching you on the tube and voted for you...

Love the drama. keep it up.

(The whole penang side of the family wants the car sticker)

Iz said...

Terima kasih for all your support! I memang appreciate sangat! Emily, I will mail the poster and car sticker to you. A new fan of mine, nama dia Victor, designed a really nice poster for me. So kind of him. Nanti I tunjuk after he make some changes! KEEP VOTING FOR ME! IF YOU WANT TO SEE ME next Friday, the 28th of DEC! I will try do my best... and improve.

eMilyism said...


as much as i want to (believe me!!! i so want to go down and SUPPORT you!!!), my flight back is on the jan 4. Jan 4 i bley turun padang. In the meantime, i'll vote byk byk ok, sebyk my return trip.

love you!~

Saw 'Time' on You Tube. That was really awesome man. great choice of song. i believe the idol week will be as good, or even better than the first week.

you look so small on tv man... love the outfit.

Will try to hook you up with a few magazines.

Will catch you tomz on 3R.

wahine said...

Iz!Great rendition of Elliot Yamin...waiting for you. It was definitely a different experience to watch you perform on stage at Pentas 2, Alam Sentral. I think you did good so I didn't quite understand why the judges said they were disappointed with all the contestants..SURELY THERE ARE SOME GOOD EXCEPTIONS! (HINT..IZ, IZ, IZ...) . Keep up with the good singing, enjoy the publicity and don't ever let the popularity gets to your head and always, always, always be genuine. We out here prefer to identify with real human beings on screen (not misfits and fakes) who can be the best at what they do. Everyone loves a good, professional singer with great character...I think you could do it ;-)

I voted four times..haha..but need to top up my phone la... Why don't they give discounts to those who voted more than 3 times huh? hehe..

Good luck, Iz.

SurAJSha said...


Im Suraj from Johor. I am so happy I found your blog, I have voted 500 times yesterday, I will do aother 500 today.

Man! you're talented! you looked good!

Goodluck! I want to see you perform next Friday!

Craplicious said...

Nok, mak rasa Mark la menang based on logic.

azreenyusof said...

hey craplicious,

yeah maybe, but watever it is if based on talent, i think IZ has a great potential (like few other contestants like AYU), IZ can be not just a successful singer, but performer n entertainer too!

iz said...

I just woke up. Been really tired because last Friday, all 12 of us had to bangun at 7am and we stayed awake until 12am. Psycho! We were very tired.

Wow, so many replies already, thank you guys, I appreciate your comments!

Emilyism thank you for your support. I try do my best. I am still learning.

Azreen, thanks for being so supportive. Thank you for your emails and your votes. Wow!

Wahine, glad that you enjoyed my performance when many others thought otherwise.

Suraj from Johor! Thanks for your votes man! I really really appreciate it! keep voting! Thank you!

Craplicious thanks for coming here. I'll check your post. I am Mark's room mate. We always jammed together at the hotel with the others. We are like one big family. I don't really care about who wins because I am in this for the experience. Everybody is talented.

Kenji Asakura said...

Well said, Iz, well said! Also, Rentaksejuta recorded your performance! The link:

oh, and thanks for the compliments you gave me, hope you like the new version of the poster.

juli ah said...

in my opinion,

when u stepped down from the main stage, u kinda looked a little kaku/keras - it shows the emotion, but to me, looked a little awkward on tv. kinda gives the impression that u were a little nervous, so remember to relax and make it look smooth.

voted :)
good luck tmorrow!

iz said...

Thank you Julia!

Craplicious said...

Mark is your roommate? OMG you lucky SOB LOL. GL tho!

IZ said...

Yep Mark is my room mate, but he is like living in his own world. Hahaha... hey! wait, what r u implying?