Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Star Newspaper Article (Yesterday 21st December)

A friend of mine told me yesterday during a break from rehearsal that she saw my photo in The Star. (Check out this link:

This is what was written about me in The Star.

Khairullah Ezuan Sulaini (Iz)

A graduate of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in advertising and marketing, Iz, 24, has made Melbourne his base. However, when his mother told him about the One in a Million audition, he returned to take part.

“At first it was for the money and to launch a music career. But now, I am in it for the experience.

“The money is not worth as much as the experience I will gain in the next few weeks.”

The bubbly Iz points out that it would be tragic for any of the 12 to be voted out, as it would mean they’d be missing the valuable lessons that are taught each week.

“I’m a creative person, so anything I do has to be heartfelt.”

No doubt his unique style and voice will take him far. – By Mumtaj Begum

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