Thursday, December 20, 2007


Hello dear supporters. Don’t forget to catch me live on One In A Million Season 2 tomorrow, Friday 21st December, at 9.30PM on 8TV singing Elliott Yamin’s Wait For You.

send YES IZ or YA IZ to 33399 or 33838 or DIAL the fixed line numbers appearing during the show.

Tell all your friends & family! The voting lines will be opened for three days from tomorrow Friday (21st DEC) to Monday (24th DEC)

Lastly, Selamat Hari Raya Haji & Merry Xmas to all of you! I need all the support I can get from you guys! Thank you guys!


Kenji Asakura said...

Will do, my friend! By the way, you're everywhere! I checked the site, finally updated with the Top 12 profiles and stuff! Did I mention you're in The Star today (21/12)? Dude, good luck!

juli ah said...

well done :))
haha so drama.

Iz said...

I really felt the song, because the song reminds me of something sad that happened in Melbourne last May 2007. I couldn't really sing but I tried hard. It was hard for me to switch to a smiling mode when Marion said it is time to vote for IZ. I hope you guys liked the way I interpret the song. I really felt it and i think it showed in my face and the emotions I presented.

Kenji Asakura said...

Comments about your performance, amazing. As for the moves, I may not be a pro dancer or knows alot about it, but it felt weird looking at you singing one moment and suddenly you were running. Sorry. But never the less, I love your performance. Keep it up, Iz!