Thursday, December 27, 2007

Things to improve on re: my singing.

I was just thinking to myself tonight. IF I get through to the next round this coming Friday 28th December, there are a few things I would like to change based on what the judges commented on after my last performance. I have a lot of things to improve on especially after watching the playback of my performance 2 nights ago. I thought I sounded good in the studio during the live telecast for One In A Million on 8TV, but I sounded totally different when I saw the playback. The mic I was holding seemed to ‘swallow’ my voice, making it less clear than it supposed to. The fact my voice isn’t sharp but mellow made it clear to me that for TV sake, I need to put the mic closer to my mouth next time. Sarah told me before that singers do sound a lot different on TV compared to studio sound. She was right. Listening to myself on TV was a lot of different. I thought I sounded better in the studio @ Sri Pentas 2 Shah Alam. Other than that, I will try not to have my mouth open too wide whilst singing because Syafinaz did mention that I might lose ‘warmth’. Guys, I will try keep it smaller this time around IF I get through~lah ha-ha! Other than those changes I will make, I am very happy with what I have done so far. Below are comments from the judges based on my last 2 performances on One In A Million 8TV in case you’ve forgotten (Thanks to Georgie who is kind enough to transcribe it for me).

Song: Time 14/12/2007
Paul: IZ…
Iz: Yes?
Paul: Supremely confident. Honestly I don’t know whether it is confidence or arrogance, but I wanted… (Crowd went crazy) I be honest, I be honest (Shhhh to the crowd), I be honest I wanted to not like you, from the beginning I have not liked you (crowd went wild), but…
Iz: Thank You Paul.
Paul: But… Honestly…
Syafinaz: Why? You must say why.
Paul: No, no. On tonight’s performance… I am going to have to change my mind… OK? (Crowd went wild)… It wasn’t perfect, but perfection is overrated. There were moments there of genuine tenderness and honesty in your performance and that was great to see.
Paul: Iz, kamu nampak sangat yakin. Saya tak pasti jika kamu menunjukkan keyakinan atau keangkuhan. Pada awalnya, saya tidak suka kamu. Tetapi… (Syafinaz – Kenapa?) Selepas persembahan kamu malam ini, saya akan berubah fikiran. Persembahan kamu tidak sempurna, tetapi kesempurnaan dinilai terlalu tinggi. Ada beberapa detik di mana keikhlasan kamu ditonjolkan dan ia adalah sesuatu yang hebat.)

Song: Wait For You 21/12/2007
Paul: Iz, Iz, Is that all of your friends here? Hey look, look, you’re such a drama queen, aren’t you? Everything you do has got drama in it, backstage… getting dressed, doing the interviews, such a drama queen, BUT THAT’S A GOOD THING IN AN ARTISTE (Crowd went loud/ cheering)
Iz: Thank you, terima kasih.
Paul: It makes you interesting at least.

Syafinaz: (laughing)
Paul: I’m not going to talk about the singing, you talk about the singing.
Syafinaz: Alright, umm Iz. Cara you bukak mulut tu la… cara you bukak mulut tu luas sangat… untuk dilihat tidak menarik… dan… most importantly… masalah bila you bukak mulut besar mcm tu ia akan menyebabkan you lose the warmth in the voice. OK? So you need to keep it more rounded, a little bit sweeter yeah?
Iz: Thank you.
Syafinaz: OK.

So there you go. Will upload photos soon when I get up later. Cheers. Iz. Nite.


wahine said...

Hi Iz, it must be tough to have to incorporate one "million' one thing all at the same time...but it's doable without losing your identity and self. I had to agree with you: hearing you performing live at pentas 2, alam sentral vs. on tv and on youtube altered the sound quality. Honestly, everyone sounded less sharp on tv except for siti sara and ayu because of their big voice and you need to address that coz majority of the tv viewers are your yes/no voters :-( .Knowing to use the mic appropriately would help...

I was surfing the net and looking at different comments people made about the performers including you on the show. Some are quite painful to read but they are some that are quite encouraging. Let me know if you want them and I'll send it the link to you...

BUT YOU KNOW WHAT'S MOST IMPORTANT? You forget the past performances, focus on tomorrow and onwards. Focus on sweeping us off our feet with your vocals and performance. Engage us and make us want to vote for you..

As for me, I have already made up my mind who I am voting for ...;-)

Do or die, Iz...Let's rock on!

IZ said...

I haven't checked the comments o YouTube. I just want to focus what I have to do tomorrow. Nanti2 la check. hehehe.

azreenyusof said...

I always know the drama queen comment was good altho sum ppl out there dun think so.
Even Paul sed ryte after dat 'It's a good thing'
N yeah, i love the drama u put while singing that song.
U jadi actor pun bole lahh after this=p