Thursday, December 27, 2007

Just what I need B4 tomorrow.

Just got up. Found out that one of my blog readers gave me quite a nice review on my last performance whilst singing ‘Wait For You’. Just what I need before the live show tomorrow.

She wrote, “But when I watched it the second time- I could feel his sadness. His dragged feet was a physical expression of his pain, that he no longer have the will to go on. And with him running around looking like a mad man, it amplifies his 'out of his mind' state. Kinda cool and I have to say I am impressed”.

blog if YOU want to read more:

Quickly, I want to do a quick rundown of what the rest of the One In A Million Season 2 contestants and I did yesterday.
We started our day at the Dance Company around 10AM where each of us had a performance training session with Peter Liew who gave advice on how to sharpen our movements, making it look better. We were there for 2 jam. We then head to KLCC.
The OIAM crew needed to shoot us at Tower Records KLCC for this week’s VT. Each of us had to pick a CD or two of the artists we idolized. I wanted to cari Robin Thicke but they were out of stock, his first and his second album takde, dah habis. Jadi I picked up CDs by other singers Mr. Thicke worked/ collaborate with. Lepas tu Tiara & I pergi makan lunch kat food court KLCC where I met a long time friend of mine, Ms. Nurul Ikhlas. It was a nice surprise after a very very long time. We used to go to college together. Siap sempat ambik gambar lagi ngan Nurul. She is coming to support me tomorrow!
After lunch kat KLCC, lepas we wrapped the shoot at Tower records, we all terus bergegas to TV3 Bandar Utama for a vocal training session with Amri. We did breathing exercises and performed this week’s songs in front of everybody. Aubrey Suwito was there too. We had to discuss our choice of songs for the next show with him, which will be a surprise (Especially my song. All I can say is, I will be singing a Malay classic… hehehe). IF I am still in this competition that is. Kalau I masih in OIAM2 you guys will find out what the surprise will be.

Anyway, have to run now. All of the Top 12 is required to throw a BBQ party on the rooftop of our hotel. The party will be from 7pm to 11pm. Joni, Sarah, Ayu and I is in charge of music & decoration. It is going to be a white party. Our sponsors are coming as well plus one surprise guest which all of us have no idea of. Is it a he or she? No idea. Have to go now. Busy busy busy. Will let you guys know who it is!

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Azreenyusof said...

Best of luck IZ!
My frens send their regards to you:)