Monday, December 3, 2007

Top 80 going 40 (23rd to 25th OCT, 2007)

These are photos taken during the shooting of the first elimination round. The two judges, Paul Moss & Syafinaz decided/picked who was going to the next round & be on the Top 40 group from the 80 talented hopefuls. 40 very lucky people made it through (including me... YAY!) to the next round. Although 8TV recently aired this first elimination round just last Friday (30th NOV, 9.30 PM to be exact) over an hour slot, it was actually shot at Segi College, Kota Damansara over three looong days from the 23rd to the 24th October, 2007. The same week I arrived from Melbourne just to take part in this competition. I knew then, this is not going to be an easy ride. It's tough! Everybody is so talented! Oh, my candidate number was and & is 10700. Some friends of mine said it’s a lucky number because if I plus all the numbers it = to 8 (Thinking now hmmm …)

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