Monday, December 3, 2007

Top 80 going 40 (more photos)

The only professional singer/performer I knew & recognised in this competition was only Siti Sarah. I discovered later during the auditions that the other contestants namely Intan Sarafina, Haiza, Eddz from Trez, Nas Adila and Shahila (Andy Lala’s daughter whoever he is) are also professional singers and has recorded albums in the past. Yeah, I got a photo of Siti Sarah & me (Told her about a song I like featured on her first album) and also of Marion Caunter (Who I discovered later currently is quite a well-known name in KL). Marion is hosting the show with Awal. The show is bilingual, Marion does most of the English stuff and Awal does Malay. I didn’t know who Awal was but like Marion, found out later he is a well-known personality in Malaysia.

I can still remember when Awal announced the song choice that the 80 contestants had to choose from, I wasn't really excited until he played Keith Urban's Once In A Lifetime Love. I was like "Dang, I can so sing this song!" even though it is not usually my kind of genre (As you guys have seen it on TV), I fell in love with the melody & thought I pulled it off in front of both judges. The show only played the part where I was singing the first verse softly, before I went big/all the way. Anyway, I'm quite happy with the way the show edited me in the 3rd episode aired last Friday.

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