Monday, January 7, 2008


Hi everybody,

Thank you for all your comments. Both positive & negative. I rarely go to forums or check what people say about me online. I think it is unnecessary to stress myself especially when I am trying to focus on my singing & my music. Some of the OIAM 2 contestants themselves, especially ones with more experience than me, told me that I couldn't please everybody in this industry. There will be people who love me to death, and there are also people who dislikes me. Anyway, I have chosen a song for this week's challenge. It will be a piano driven song. The hugely talented Aubrey, OIAM 2 music director loved the song and its arrangement which I am glad for. Spoke to him last Saturday night regarding on which direction I like to take the song to. R&B week is the week I have been waiting for. I think this is the chance to show the real me. Through a song.

Thank you so much for your suggestions again guys. I will try my best to win as many hearts as possible through my singing.


My performance singing Suci Dalam Debu.


Azreenyusof said...

All d best IZ!I've already voted till the last minute just now=p.
I wonder what song u will be singing this Friday.hmmm.
Any hint?=p

imborntosingsongs said...

Sorry. Tak boleh cakap la nanti no surprise plak kan?

juli ah said...

im coming back (from machang) tmorrow nighttt, yaay yay.
friday i datang :D

g'luck iz!

Kenji Asakura said...

Awesome performance. All the best to you! Keep it up, Iz!

Thuto said...

To me(a fan who votes 4 u)i really thought i had seen u perform better than this one.Ur earlier performances were edgier and had that Wow-factor..don't get me wrong though, this one was great BUT not the best u've done.

KEEP IT UP HEY! i'm a foreigner in malaysia and One in A Million is about the only local-tv show i watch and relate to.

wahine said...

thuto...don't worry. I'm NOT a foreigner in Malaysia and this is the only local tv show that I watch. Pathetic huh? Believe me you're not missing much.

Let me explain why I feel that his Malay performance was better..He truly brings about the meaning of the lyrics of the song to life. The original was sang in a mispitched rocky groove and IZ made it better with his style. That's why I think he rocks last week..but I am an island in this regards sometime.

I truly believe Iz can be a great Malaysian singer one day...