Saturday, January 5, 2008

Now on One In A Million Top 9

Hi all!
I just got home (my hotel room actually) and I am feeling great! I felt redeemed & puas hati. I thought I did well when I sang Suci Dalam Debu tonight. I had fun performing it. I ingat kan I yang akan keluar malam ni because my performance last week I tak puas hati.
Tiara won’t be with the rest of the OIAM Season 2 contestants anymore. We will miss her dearly. At least all of us get to spend two more extra days with Tiara. She have got like more than 2 interviews lined up for her already… hahaha… she is such a fun girl as you can see how she handled her elimination tadi. So selamba kan? Even when she is singing. I will really miss her. I am very close to Tiara compared to the other contestants in One In A Million Season 2. Tiara, I will miss you!!! Let’s shopping! Hahaha… Tiara ko memang lawak la. Best. Nanti lepak OK?

Anyway, I will write more tomorrow and post photos from tonight as well. Kene tido awal sebab esok ada roadshow dekat Terminal 1, Seremban plak from 3PM to 5PM. Kene tido skrg. Mark & Shone dah tido dah, AB masih lagi online… I’ll write more when I am not too tired okay? Stay tuned! And thank you for all your support guys!

As you guy would know by now, the voting lines have already been opened.

Send YES IZ to 33838 and 33399.

The voting lines will be closed this coming Monday, January 7 2008 at 6PM. I need you guys to support me so I could keep on singing…. Night night everyone. Don’t forget to leave your comments about my performance or chat to me a in the chatbox.


Nessa said...

Finally, a much better performance from you guys! :D

I really didn't expect you to sing 'Suci Dalam Debu'... I think there are better Malay songs that suit your voice and personality. BUT I enjoyed your performance... it's never boring.

Kudos to Shila, Ab, Mark... I pity Intan, I don't understand why she looked so afraid and uncomfortable.

You'll definitely stay long in this competition :)

wahine said...

Well done on your performance on Friday night :-). It is great to hear you sing without us being distracted being all the theatrics.

There is one comment that I would like to make during the live show and when I viewed the taped show on webpage...Please try to win the crowd, communicate with them your feelings, look at them when you sing. Be comfortable on stage...

I sincerely want you to give Ab and Shila and Sarah a good competition. You are the X-factor that could win if you know how to play the game ;-). For instance, you should watch your clip on the inside outside 8tv last week...u looked relaxed, cheerful. Can u bring that on stage when you are interviewed and when you interact with the judges?

imborntosingsongs said...

I think AB, Shila and Sarah is good. In fact everybody in the competition is good. Its just that some was just nervous and some are not. I couldnt focus when I did robin thicke because it took some getting use to with the whole crying drama backstage, but now i know what to expect.

wahine said...

Yes, they are good but YOU ARE BETTER! :p Show us ;-)AND enjoy yourself on stage even though it's something that Paul can't say on national tv...tsk, tsk, tsk.. ;-)