Thursday, January 3, 2008

Bluehyppo ringtone recording.

Just finished the recording for Bluehyppo's download content. It was a lot of fun. I had to do three compulsory songs; I'm One In A Million, A Friend In Me & Satu Dalam Sejuta. Then I had to record voicemails, ringback tones, ring tones, and so many other things I couldn't remember doing. LOL. It was heaps of fun! And it was recorded in the kitchen! Gempak kan? hehehe. The Bluehyppo people were so techy! I'll upload videos of the recording. Now I have to head to Sri Pentas 2 Shah Alam for sound check! Very excited. My YouTube account macam not working jer… Sabar!

UPDATE 4th January 2008: Click on the video above. It's uploaded. I just woke up and it is only 6.30am. Call time today is at 8am. I know, I know it is early. Anyway, don’t forget to tune into 8TV tonight Friday 4/1/2008 9.30pm to watch me on One In A Million. Wish me luck! Hopefully all of you have a nice day and please do support me! IZ.

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