Monday, January 21, 2008

Hello semua! News on The Single.

Hope you guys like my version of Vanishing. This is the song I didn’t get to perform on my elimination night last two weeks. I recorded it especially for my fans & supporters out there to show how much I appreciate your support. It means the world to me! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

A thousand apologies for my absence. Just to answer your questions: I have been pretty occupied with a couple of things I have planned post OIAM. One of it is recording my first single (Aside from doing interviews & what not). Currently I am writing a song that I am so excited about! (I have the music playing in the background as I am typing this). It is going to be great! I just love the piano riff in the background... oops sorry for the spoiler... LOL. This song will draw you into it… seriously… ha-ha! And it is going to be different from whatever you have heard in the past. But you guys just have to wait and see OK? I already have a deadline to meet for this particular song. There are so many things to do. Music/ vocal arrangement, getting the lyrics down, doing the music, laying down the tracks, laying down the vocals, mixing, engineering it… heaps to be done! I will be recording it at 2AM Studios (Check their website The people at 2AM will make this track of mine shine! Ha-ha! No worries, it will all come together in the end I believe. Once finished, I promise I will have it available here for you guys 1st, okay? You guys will get a preview (Note: Only a preview not the full song) Hehe.

This photo right here is the inspiration of the song I am working on at the moment. Took this last October.Just so that you guys know, One In A Million Season 2 Grand Finale will be held on the 29th of February 2008 (I’m not sure the venue yet, but it will be big!). All the Top 12 contestants will be performing on that night, including me. Should I be singing Vanishing? (I have no idea if the management of 8TV will let me) Are you guys interested in coming? If you do, leave your contacts here (Mobile no./ email will do) in the comments section alright?

Radeo! I have to get back to work now (work means working on my first single). I will keep checking the chatbox. Do leave comments, anything you have to say. Until then… byeeee.

P/s: Updates will be up/ There will also be a link to photos from fans on my blog, Cheers.


wahine said...

Iz, great to know that you are a lyricist! :D Bagus la..we already have Awan pulak ;). Those friendly clouds are surely a sight to be seen and behold. It makes us feel that we are somewhat in heaven...although scientifically's just water vapor :D. All of us happy that you are not dilly dallying and getting on with things in a positive direction. With this sort of attitude, your worth would be more than a million bucks kiddo :P . I hope you are happy doing what you are doing. That's the main thing, ok? Wishing you always all the best...

lady said...

Iz, when one is in the sky looking at the clouds,one feels Allah's greatness and how small u are in the midst of his Greatness!Always be thankful for His Blessings. Insyallah you will go far.