Friday, January 18, 2008


I was reading the horoscope section in The Malay Mail today for fun & found an interesting one on mine. 

GEMINI "Don't waste time. The more proactive & productive you are, the easier it will be to interest others to get involved. A conversation with an expert will lead to an interesting proposal".

Hmmm... I can't wait to produce my own music... 

P/S: I am going to Sri Pentas 2 today to support my One In A Million pals who is still in the competition... tonight we will find out who will be on the Top 7.  Tiara won't be able to come as she's in Johore now. Mungkin next week dia datang kut. Anyway, check out the song I was supposed to sing last Friday (Vanishing) on my playlist. Recorded the vocals last night just for you guys. Cheers! IZ


amidala8 said...

hye iz..i and my husband are yr big supporters tau! we both were sad when found out u didn't got thru the next session ( izzit session? :P) nway,gudluck k.. n keep smiling.. we will always support you! n keep singing! be a jazz singer.we luv to hear it on radio :)

Anonymous said...

Its in the stars! Love to hear u sing r&b.

wahine said...

Hiya Iz, I finally got to listen to your 2 recordings. Nice! Any offers yet? Keep us posted and like I said before, keep the momentum going, u got talent...don't let it go to waste.


Event DirecTus said...

Hi Iz,

Just heard Vanishing & it's KEWL!

Keep singing and don't let that dream die!

Let me know what other songs you love performing?