Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Re: Outta My Mind (Radio Edit)

Hey guys,
I’m sure any of you who have been visiting my blog will notice that I just added a music playlist on my blog. The song currently available for you guys to download is a track called Outta My Mind (Radio Edit) Version. This isn’t the full version.

It took me 3 nights to do the vocals on this one because I was sick, but I had to do it anyway because were rushing for a dateline. Pascale Hogger, the Swedish guy from Akkumusic did a great job at arranging this song for my songwriter partner, Rubia Braun & I. This song got chosen as the theme song for an Aussie movie shot in Sydney called Battle Therapy, which was released last May 2007. The genre is not the type of genre I would pursue for my first single. What my genre would be? will surprise you guys.

P/s: Watching the repeat of Inside Out & One In A Million now. It’s hard to decide who will get booted out this week. Everybody put on such a great show.


Felicia F. Ramzi said...

Hi there..i watched that 8tv Quickie (last monday was it)..and so happen to have my lappy with me, great marketing promoting your blog, as i browsed through it immediately.

I have to be honest, i don't watch reality show that much, very small percentage to nil. Therefore, forgive me for not recognizing any of the contestants, except for, Sarah of course.

I blog frequently, and reading yours is much of a fun. Interesting life you have there. I have to be honest again, the first time i saw you was during that quickie, but i personally am impressed. You have all the packages needed, definitely you dont need to win the competition, cause to fans out there, you already are a winner. Keep up..(",)

p/s: i have more reasons to go online now, thanks to you, and your blog.

imborntosingsongs said...

Hey Felicia,
How are you doing? It's totally OK. Not many people watch the show anyway. Ha-ha! (sob*) I am planning to come up with my own single soon.So you never heard me singin' before eh? Dang, I have to try impress u with my singin' then... have a listen on my blog OK?

Hope you have a nice day & I really appreciate your comments. Cheers. IZ

juli ah said...

haihhh. the playlist thingy isnt showing uppp :(

wahine said...

Hi Iz, sorry but after you left OIAM..i lost interest to watch the reality show anymore..ha ha..

Good vocals and music and please keep working on ur album and the kinds of song. I think u can go international! :D
We caught snippets of u on 8tv quickie..the whole damn thing was too fast la..and u guys keep moving ur heads here and there following the camera that it becames a damn nuisance. Not ur fault though...:D

MB/ wahine!

lady said...

The oiam is getting from bad to worst without iz. Sampai nak bagi 1 million to charity. What a sham for current contestants. Go Iz

Saiful said...


I would like to get some feedback on the work of Pascale Hogger. How did your paths cross etc.

I can be reached at