Tuesday, January 15, 2008

2nd Day of TV & Radio Interviews -HotFM/ 8TV Quickie

Last night’s interview at Hot FM was heaps of fun! I had a ball. Anne and Ikhwan asked me a lot of questions, which was not too hard to answer really. It was good fun. Answered questions from callers as well & most of them were funny as hell. Kelakar gile. There were some callers who decided not to talk when they called, so they would just hang up... probably they are just shy. LOL… hilarious. The show also receives text messages from listeners asking questions for the interviewee, which is Moi! If any of you guys missed my interview on Hot FM last night, don’t worry; I’ll upload the recording of it. Will let you guys know. Keep checking my blog Okie?

Interview with Hot FM finished around half past nine. After that, Tania took me to the make up room to prepare for 8TV’s Quickie which airs every week day at 11.30PM.

This is my second time appearing on 8TV Quickie. Once when I was on the Top 12 for OIAM2, and tonight as the contestant who recently got eliminated from the show… ha-ha! Anyway yeah, I was interviewed by Belinda (My 2nd time being interviewed by her… no no… third time because she did host one of the One In A Million road shows in Selayang while I was still in) & Raz. I have met Raz before, long time ago before I went to Melbourne for uni. He went to the same school as I do in Taman Melawati, and was also a school prefect. I’m no school prefect material, too lazy~mah. Now he is a host and also an actor, writer & performance artist (That’s what written on his call card he gave me… mcm2 kan?). No longer a Melawatian, he now resides somewhere around KL.
Another thing, I received a text message from Ms. Renee Tay asking my OIAM2 friends (Tiara, Roni, Rina) and I if we want to join the rest of the Top 8 do a road show in Melaka tomorrow. I don’t know if I am going or not. Not sure yet… should I go? Have to ask Tiara if she is going. Plus I have a meeting with 2AM a recording facility esok before 12pm. Yikes, I need to go to bed now! Cheers and night.

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