Thursday, January 10, 2008

UPDATES! Photos too!

Just returned from sound check with Aubrey & the band at Sri Pentas 2. I can’t wait to perform my song tomorrow! LOL. As you guys know now, the song I will be performing has been one of my long time favorites. It was released in 1990. Tak sabar gile nak perform. Itu pun KALAU I get through tomorrow’s elimination round. That means, kalau I get on the Top 8, I will get to sing my song. Nervous ada. Risau ada. Tak sabar ada. Happy pun ada. Happy because, I am now on the Top 9. I realized that the competition is getting tougher and tougher as more and more contestants get eliminated.

Also, Bluehyppo got my blogging account ready at their website. This is what I wrote there:
“My first entry. (So lame la kan tajuk dia?)

Hi all!

Apa khabar? How are you guys doing? I hope this first entry of mine as a member of the Bluehyppo online community finds you well.

Firstly, WELCOME TO MY BLUEHYPPO BLOG. I just received my username from Bluehyppo today. I was keen on starting a blog at Bluehyppo when the OIAM2 management told us earlier on that we are required to document our journey. It took awhile for the management to register all of us here. Many may have wondered if any of the OIAM2 contestants keep a blog documenting their experiences throughout the competition. I for one have started blogging way back, during the first round of auditions back in August 2007.

I only revealed my blog relating to my experiences on One In A Million Season 2 ( when I got on the Top 20 to family & friends. Currently, my blog are receiving more and more visitors each day offering their support & word of advise. Now I am hoping that my journey on OIAM2 would continue. I can only do my best. Cheers, and lets get the party started!”

Sambung, stage performance training with Peter was great. He gave me the freedom to express myself while performing. Peter cuma betul kan my move here and there. Have them tightened. It is going to be an interesting one tomorrow from me. I am just going to be myself. It will help me relax more I think. Wait till you guys see my outfit I am planning on wearing…. Hehehe.

Media Grooming class with Zainal Alam Kadir was a blast too! He shared many interesting anecdotes relating to his 17 years of experience in journalism. He elaborated more on local newspapers and what sort of news they cover and present to the masses. He gave tips on how to deal and talk to the press. I had a lot of fun. I thought everyone had fun too. Alam is such a great guy. Funny and smart, I could listen to him for hours. The stories he had to tell can go on and on. Okay, moving on…
I had a meeting with my people last night (LOL. My secret gang. Ha-ha) who will be doing my fan site and is also responsible for my fan club. I will update you guys when things are more certain. It is going to be an interesting project. Expect it in the next couple of days.

Hmmm, what else? (Thinking). Oh, I am writing this using my laptop on the judge’s table while watching my competitors (LOL), doing their sound check. I dah lepas dah. The stage is in front of me. I can imagine myself on it. Tak sabar wei! Harap2 lepas la.

I have to sign off now guys. Bila sound check ni habis, kita orang semua kene rush balik hotel sebab ada dinner ngan special guest malam ni at 8pm. It’s a she. All of us are anxious about meeting her. If you guys want to watch her performing tomorrow night, don’t miss tomorrow’s episode on 8TV at 9.30pm OK? (UPDATE: OK la sebenar nya special guest to Che'Nelle. Dia ni international artiste asal frm Sabah, pastu 10 tahun pergi Perth and then skrg base kat New Jersey, NY. Cari la wikipedia dia kalau nak tahu. DAPAT A COPY OF SIGNED CD LAGI! Pastu dia bole cakap bahasa... so pandai. Haha.. jakun gile. Poster pun signed, susah nak dapat peluang one to one mcm nie)

Kalau nak datang bagi support kat Sri Pentas esok, just call my sister/manager, Fazan @ 017-341-6746 available 24hrs. My supporters will have to wear the GO IZ! Badge. Don’t worry, my sister will arrange it for you guys. Hehehe.

Hope you guys will like tomorrow’s show. Wish me luck! Cheers, IZ.

The voting lines will be opened at the start of the show.
Just type
YES IZ and send it to 33838 and 33399


wahine said...

Hi Iz,

I hope 'berbukit-bukit and berbakul-bakul' fate and luck will be on your side tomorrow and you 'll be the top 8! Be sincere in your performance and look at us when you perform and reel us in. That's what true performers do .:P Be the best and do ur best!

Azreenyusof said...

I just wanna see u entertain us with ur performance like u always do.
Surprise us.hehe.
We all are rooting for u!