Saturday, January 12, 2008

Post One In A Million 2.

IZ here! (Baru bangun nih)

Like I said last night on LIVE TV, I feel so relieved now after being asked how I felt about being eliminated by Awal & Marion malam semalam. It is not an easy task to be on a show with all that pressure, with all the sweat & tears backstage, and much unneeded drama. All of the contestants left on the show now are a bunch of talented individuals with different strengths. Some do well under pressure and some don’t. But for me, I can only try do the best that I can every time I am given the chance to showcase my talent. One In A Million Season 2 provided me just that: A platform for me to play & experiment with different elements. I’m still learning like everyone else. Many have asked me or may have wondered how I am doing now. If I am OK or not. You guys can see how cool I was with everything. I'm fine :D Totally. No worries.

Firstly guys, I would like to thank you all for all your support and votes. This is just the beginning for me guys! I am not going to stop here. I consider myself as lucky enough to be on the Top 9 for One In A Million Season 2. I’ve learnt & experienced so many things, hung out with wonderful people (Tiara - Ok, you know I miss you, Roni - Thanks for the sms, Rina, Ayu - ko kelakar la, Ab - ko pun, Shila - keep being innocent...NOT, Shone - keep on cooking? Urm no...singing :-p, Sarah - I am so going to miss you heaps!, Intan - d perempuan melayu terakhir ha-ha, Mark - Jgn selalu blur & Joni. YOU guys rock!), worked with talented musicians (Aubrey – I’ll give you a call, Abg Nan – You too! & the band), the dedicated behind-the-scenes crew (Kit – I’ll miss watching you running around, Tania – We can start being friends now, Renee – I’ll miss hugging you & your pretty face, Nad – ummm… jgn selalu gaduh ngan GF ok?, Joyce, Nicole, Hendra - for choosing the best takes when I looked my best LOL, Fiona – I’ll miss having you patting my back, calming me down before each performance) who provided me one of the best experiences in my life so far. Thank you guys. I’ll see you guys at the top… hehehe. One thing I surely miss about being on OIAM2 is the free vocal training with Amri (Terima kasih sebab telah membuka mata saya. I learnt a lot from you) and media grooming sessions with Zainal Alam Kadir (I find you entertaining & I definitely need more media training man!). Lastly, a BIG thank you to all of my family & friends who came to support me last night. Terima kasih! (MORE BELOW)

Korang semua mesti nak tau, what is the first thing IZ will do now that he is out of the competition?
Most of you didn’t know that right after the show finishes, the contestants & I were rushed for a press conference where I kena seated in between Paul & Syafinaz. Got asked so many questions that I can’t remember. I answered them as honest as I could possibly be, perhaps too honest… nanti baca la paper OK? I sang the song I was supposed to sing last night called “Vanishing” for the press…LOL… and I decided there and then that I am going to record the song and publish it online here for my supporters and voters to download! You guys nanti boleh la download! Macam mana? OK tak? I told the press that R&B week is my week as I consider myself to be an R&B singer, now tak bole la nyanyi kan? A bit frustrated there but hey, there is a lot more opportunity for me out there I believe. I can only hope for the best. So bila Iz dah record “Vanishing”, Iz bagitahu korang okay? The fan site project will still go on as planned but this time with a different purpose.

Oh! If you guys notice, I didn’t wear that ugly blue cardigan top I had over my Missoni jumper in shots of me seating in the audience & also photos of me AFTER the show. Ramai tanya kenapa bila I duduk kat audience baju biru tu terus hilang and they were all glad for it… especially my dad... ha-ha! Tak hilang la, aku yang bukak sebab bodoh & it looked stupid. I HAD TO WEAR IT. You may want to know why. My family asked me, “Kenapa ada blue cardigan tu? Tak cun la”. The reason being is because Kit (the producer) told me to cover it up backstage because it could cause the TV image to look flickery. So I had to have something on that ‘breaks’ the flicker my Missoni top could cause. I should have known better. Since day one they told us to avoid anything in small stripes as it would cause the TV image to flicker, & I didn’t have a spare jacket (Like the Vuitton jacket I wore when I sang Wait For You... semua org suka jacket tuh) or outfit, & I had no choice but the cardigan. Erghh! Anyways, lesson learned! Ha-ha! I will keep my personal style TV friendly next time OK? (Anyways, yep… I am the only contestant who didn’t wear any of the sponsor’s clothing sebab none “fit” me… LOL… and I have to make sure I stay within my own branding. Can’t jeopardize that can I? LOL)
Anyway, Have to get going now… I am still staying at the hotel by the way. Some of the finalists is still asleep and some dah bangun, but mostly semua tengah tido~lah (They have to bangun it's already 11.35am call time is 12.30 LOL). I might come with them to the road show today at Plaza Alam Sentral (From 3PM – 5PM) to support them.

I’ll have a radio interview with FLY FM tomorrow (Sunday) plus another interview with Hot FM followed by 8TV Quickie this Monday (Will update the times when it’s confirmed). Will keep you guys posted especially after I finished recording Vanishing for you guys – have to ask Mr. Aubrey Suwito for recommendation of a good recording studio. Just like what my family have told me last night, “Ride the momentum. Don’t give up”.

Cheers! And Have a nice day!

P/S: Jangan lupa untuk tinggalkan comments. Photos will follow soon. Oh, you guys don't have to register to leave comments. It can be done anonymously. Ciao for now.


Rajeswary said...

Hello Iz, I found you blog through Rentak Sejuta.

Don't worry I am sure you have a lot of people out there waiting for your songs. Make it happen dude! we are all here still rooting for you.

I am sure you entered One In A Million with a different purpose compared to the rest of the contestants. I can see that you will go far. Anyway, you were so relaxed on stage last night and so cool... now that you're hailed as the drama king, you should have shed some tears... just kidding!

U did a great job. I agree with your family "Ride The Momentum"! Keep it going! All the best and I will keep supporting you! OIAM is going to be boring without you! just bland characters without much individuality.

Shine on my dear.

Kenji Asakura said...

Iz, like I said, this is no good bye, it's just the beginning. Ride the momentum! There's a road filled with glory and happiness for you, do your best and enjoy!

OIAM is not as exciting as before with you gone, looking forward to your "Vanishing" song. Take care! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

When you said repeatedly of how you were relieved last night, if only you had noticed me rolling my eyes, turning to your cousin, and commenting - "It's so not Iz to be humble, is it?"

He agreed. Well, in a way he did. Haha.

On the other hand - you know my butting in while everyone's shooting or practicing or whatever won't be same without my favourite victim!


imborntosingsongs said...

Thank for your kind words. The OIAM people is a bunch of interesting personalities actually, especially Sarah!

Thank you for your support matey! Keep on supporting me, I am going to do the Vanishing song and post it up here! Soon!

I am not going to miss you sebab of course we r so gona lepak together right? And now we can be friends unlike before, I was the contestant and you're one of th"people". Hehehe.

Rubiz said...

Yaaah! Now we can get onto bigger and better things! I'm glad you had fun babe - you went so far and I'm sooo unbelievably proud of you! The show was a good learning experience for you, but let's start doing what YOU want to do. I am writing two songs - so let's get to work. Do your vanishing first, but then give me a call. Our work is only just beginning. Watch out world - here comes Iz!

sue said said...

iz dear..
aku agak terkejut when they announced da result. but nothing to wori dear, sbenarnya ur journey baru nak bermula..
it doesnt mean dat u've to stop here.. u've start it, and plz dont stop! it juz a starting point. entering OIAM, is not bout da 1 mil only. dari situ, people know u n it a good chance for u to kembangkan karier ko!
i know u've got talent n i believe dat u can do it! keep it up dude!
i wish u all da best n hope to see u perform more frequent on TV as a STAR not a CONTESTANT anymore!

urs truly,

Erina Mahmud said...

Thank god thank god!!!!
I pun feel your blue cardigan over your missoni top (love the design) was a big no-no! and why is your blog entry becoming more and more malay campur english campur melayu? Ini marketing strategy ke? heheheh...

Anyway, i can't wait to listen to your version of "Vanishing". OIAM was your starting point. Taking it from there. Wish you all the best!


Erina Mahmud